We help industrial plants comply with clean air regulations by providing Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) solutions.

We are air emissions compliance and monitoring experts for
40 CFR Part 60, 40 CFR Part 63, 40 CFR Part 75, Refinery Sector Rule (RSR)
and other federal, state and local clean air regulations.

ESC Spectrum has over 50 years of experience in monitoring and compliance for clean air regulations. With service and manufacturing facilities staffed by Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) experts across the country, we’re standing by to help you.

With recent acquisitions of Control Analytics and Monitoring Solutions, we now deliver expanded CEM and process control products, services, and technical expertise to the Refinery, Petrochem, Ethanol, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Glass, Chemical, Metal Production, and other industries.

ESC Spectrum Products & Services for Air Emissions Compliance

Data Acquisition
Systems (DAS)

StackVision, Prism & CEMDAS
Evolution are industry leaders for
air emissions monitoring
and reporting


Custom-made, high-quality
CEMS integrations, including
shelters, mobile systems and upgrades

Data Controllers &
CEMS Parts

CEMS hardware including
the reliable & robust
8864 Data Controller plus Analyzer & CEMS parts

Expert DAS

Reporting, Engineering, IT and Regulatory professionals are standing by to assist you with your DAS challenges

Professional CEMS

Maintenance, inspection, upgrades, repair, calibration
and training experts
at your service

Air Emissions

RATAView for stack testing
QAInsight for QA/QC tracking
FleXReports for Excel data export & reporting

FleXReports Version 1.3 Now Available

FleXReports gives StackVision Data Acquisition System (DAS) users the power to develop fleetwide reports that aggregate data, then customize the format with Excel. FleXReports Version 1.3 presents new features and provides enhancements and updates to existing features that will improve user efficiency.

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