We help industrial plants comply with clean air regulations by providing Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) solutions.

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RATAView 1.4 Now Available!

ESC Spectrum is excited to announce the release of our air emissions management software RATAView Version 1.4. This software update offers new features and enhancements to help stack testers perform RATA tests accurately and efficiently.

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Understanding Monitoring Plans: A Comprehensive Overview

Monitoring plans play a crucial role in ensuring compliance and accurate reporting of air emissions. Whether you are familiar with monitoring plans or new to the concept, this blog post aims to provide a high-level overview of their significance, components, and upcoming changes. By the end, you will have a better understanding of what monitoring plans entail and why they are essential.

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New Release: QAInsight™ Version 1.3 Now Available

QAInsight helps industrial companies solve challenges with scheduling, planning, and tracking a myriad of activities related to performing Quality Assurance tests required by state and federal agencies. Enhancements in Version 1.3 offer new features to improve overall user experience.

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