Umbilical System
Inspection Service

How old are your umbilical systems? What condition are they in? Do they need to be repaired or replaced? The answers to these questions are important to the overall health of your CEMS operations. The condition of all of the umbilical system’s elements – from the wiring and tubing bundle to the insulation and heated hose – must be considered when evaluating age. ESC Spectrum’s Umbilical System Inspection Service provides you with answers to these questions and identifies what action is needed.


While manufacturers estimate 15-20 years for the heating cables, that range is highly dependent on many factors. Cold weather, water damage, dirt, and corrosive environments can cause them to degrade more quickly, and if not replaced in time, fail. Learn more about umbilical systems in the CEMS 101 series.


Many CEMS users schedule their umbilical replacement every 12-15 years and keep a spare in dry storage. ESC Spectrum’s Umbilical Inspection service helps you keep your facility healthy to avoid downtime and failures.

Four Step Umbilical System Inspection Process

Our team of technicians has over five decades of experience in CEMS and are well-known for high-quality work. ESC Spectrum's three step Umbilical System Inspection process ensures your umbilical systems are in good working order.

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