Analyzer Repairs and Upgrades

ESC Spectrum understands that analyzers are integral to your Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS). We offer customized solutions that include parts from major emission monitoring manufacturers and the expertise needed to repair, upgrade and maintain your CEMS analyzers.


All of our locations perform analyzer bench testing included with the purchase of an analyzer. Our process includes a power-up cycle, firmware update, calibration, diagnostic settings check, custom settings programming and troubleshooting as needed.

Analyzer Upgrades

The solutions we offer are rooted in a deep knowledge of air emissions: the maintenance team has decades of experience working on major analyzer brands, including Thermo-Fisher, Siemens, Teledyne API, M&C, Gasmet, Extrel, and more. Visit our Supplier pages to learn about some of our preferred vendor partners.

Analyzer Repair & Calibration

ESC Spectrum operates multiple full depot-level labs with the ability to repair and refurbish most major CEMS analyzers and monitor brands with same-day options available for some services. We perform Elemental Mercury Calibrator certifications in accordance with the Interim EPA Traceability Protocol as well as Neutral Density Filter certifications as required by the EPA’s Part 60 regulations.


Our Calibrator Certification Service compares and tests the Thermo Hg 81i Mercury Calibrator against a NIST traceable vendor prime. We are the only facility besides the manufacturer certified to repair and calibrate these devices.

Woman working on CEMS analyzer
Analyzer Parts Including Thermo Fisher Teledyne M&C

Analyzer Parts

We have an inventory of spare parts, including obsolete, hard-to-order, and third-party items, to support your CEM System analyzers. Overnight shipping is available for in-stock parts. Visit our Supplier pages to learn about some of our preferred vendor partners.

Analyzer Training and Certification Services

Get customized on-the-job training and support via our CEMSProtect Partner program, as well as analyzer repair and maintenance training at our facility.


Our analyzer experts conduct all certification procedures associated with installing a new CEMS, replacing analyzers, recertifying calibrators or making any major changes to your CEMS which prompt certifications.

CEMS Analyzer Training

Seamless Integration Case Study: Lightstone Energy, LLC

Read our case study to learn how Lightstone Energy, LLC saved over $320k by using ESC Spectrum for analyzer upgrades and annual maintenance.
Thermo Hg 81i Mercury Calibrator Evaluation and Certification
ESC Spectrum is a leader in the installation, maintenance and certification of CEMS. We provide quality, precise and timely certification of calibrators for our customers.
Recertification and Repairs
Our calibrator certification service compares and tests the Thermo Hg 81i Mercury Calibrator against a NIST traceable vendor prime.
Hassle Free Process
Our simple four-step process makes it easy to check and certify your system so it can continue operating efficiently on your site.
Step 1
We conduct an initial evaluation of the calibrator. We provide competitive pricing and a quick turnaround. Our experienced technicians check and certify each unit one at a time, not in large groups to focus on the details. Our concentration targets are kept extremely tight so the level of uncertainty is held at a minimum.
Step 2
We recommend necessary repairs. Our technicians will only charge for parts if repair is needed for certification – the routine check is part of our process.
Step 3
After comparing against a NIST vendor prime, the calibrator is properly tuned to the middle of each range, ensuring precise measurements.
Step 4
FInal adjustments are made to the calibrator. If we know a calibrator will fail, we will not try to certify it. Instead, if a calibrator is malfunctioning or unable to pass certification, ESC Spectrum will repair or replace components as necessary, upon authorization by customer. Once we certify a calibrator and are familiar with the system, we can help troubleshoot system issues in the field.
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