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We are passionate about helping industrial
plants comply with clean air regulations by
providing continuous emissions monitoring solutions

Data Acquisition
Systems (DAS)

StackVision and Prism
are industry leaders for
air emissions monitoring
and reporting


Custom-made, high-quality
CEMS integrations, including
shelters, mobile systems and upgrades

Data Controllers &
CEMS Parts

CEMS hardware including
the reliable & robust
8864 Data Controller plus Analyzer & CEMS parts

Expert DAS

Reporting, Engineering and IT professionals are standing by to assist you with your DAS challenges

Professional CEMS

Maintenance, inspection, testing, upgrades, repair, calibration
and training experts
at your service

Air Emissions

RATAView for stack testing
QAInsight for QA/QC tracking
FleXReports for Excel data export & reporting

QAInsight V1.1

Discover new features to schedule, plan and track various activities related to performing Quality Assurance (QA) tests

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CEMS Audit Prep Checklist

Quick CEMS Audit Prep Checklist

Use our quick checklist to pass an EPA CEMS audit of your facility. Use a proven CEMS DAS like StackVision and Prism for critical data and have current information about your designated representative, record keeping, QA/QC plan, permit & acid rain program at hand.

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Guide to Part 75 Audit Preparation

Guide to Part 75 Audit Preparation

Get ready for your Part 75 audits with ESC Spectrum’s useful guide and checklists for each part of the air emissions compliance process. This 40-page guide covers every part of the air emissions monitoring process, from QA/QC plans to DAS software to ECMPS and much more.

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FlexReports 1.2 Released

New Release: FleXReports™ Version 1.2 Now Available

FleXReports gives StackVision Data Acquisition System (DAS) users the power to develop fleetwide reports that aggregate data, then customize the format with Excel. Enhancements in Version 1.2 make it easier for users to configure, filter, and view data that FleXReports has retrieved from StackVision.

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