Glass Manufacturing

Glass manufacturing facilities must comply with evolving air emissions monitoring regulations, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s 40 CFR Part 60 (including Subpart CC) and Part 63, as well as state and local air mandates. In addition, they face demands for cost savings and efficiency, often with a shrinking staff.


ESC Spectrum’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) solutions, including industry-leading Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) plus a wide variety of compliance software and CEM systems, hardware, and services, are tailor-made to help glass manufacturing plants meet their challenges. 

DAS Solutions for Glass Manufacturing

StackVision and Prism are the leading Continuous Emission Monitoring Data Acquisition Systems for facilities in various industries. Our DAS Software is used in over 3,100 air emission sources across the United States. 

Both work seamlessly with the 8864 Data Controller to collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably.

Our data acquisition systems are backed by 24/7/365 best-in-class customer support from a dedicated team of experts, online and in-person training. They are in continuous development to keep pace with industry changes.

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Compliance Software for Glass Manufacturing

QAInsight is air emissions compliance software that schedules, plans, and tracks a myriad of activities related to performing QA tests required by state and federal agencies.

FleXReports is a subscription-based software that helps facilities easily and securely export data from StackVision into Microsoft® Excel for maximum flexibility.

RATAView helps stack testers perform Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) tests accurately and efficiently to meet complex regulations, including testing frequency, calculations, data gathering, and data retention requirements.


DAS Services for Glass Manufacturing

The DASProtect support and maintenance services program ensures round-the-clock support, access to knowledge base articles, discounted services, training, software upgrades, and more. 

Our DAS services teams are standing by to support the needs of power generation facilities, including:

woman is typing on multiple monitors to report air emissions on

CEMS Systems & Services for Glass Manufacturing

We offer everything you need to keep your CEMS system healthy and in compliance.

With over five decades of experience building, testing, maintaining and repairing extractive, dilution, and in-situ CEMS systems to unique specifications, you can rely on us to meet the toughest CEMS challenges.

Our CEMS services support glass manufacturing facilities with professional expertise. 

Case Studies

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