StackVision Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Discover why more than 3,100 air emissions sources in a wide variety of industries rely on StackVision for monitoring and reporting to meet federal, state and local requirements.

Prism Data Acquisition System (DAS)

Looking for a flexible, reliable CEMS Data Acquisition System? Prism is built on decades of experience in air emissions compliance to meet federal, state and local requirements.


Export data from StackVision into Microsoft® Excel easily and securely for maximum flexibility with FleXReports air emissions compliance software.


Schedule, plan and track various activities related to performing Quality Assurance (QA) tests with QAInsight air emissions compliance software.


Designed by CEMS technicians for CEMS technicians, RataView software helps stack testers perform Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) tests accurately and efficiently to meet air emissions compliance regulations.

8864 Data Controller

The 8864 provides reliable, robust data collection, computation, and storage. It is the most widely used device for air emissions data from CEMS in the U.S.

8864 Compact Data Controller

Ideal for tight spaces and hazardous environments, this device provides the firmware functionality of the 8864 Data Controller in a compact design.

8864 Ambient Data Controller

This data controller is ideal for ambient applications. With a Mean-Time-Between-Failure of over 20 years, ESC Spectrum's devices are known as “workhorses.”

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS)

We have decades of experience building high-quality CEM Systems to customer’s unique specifications and can meet the toughest monitoring challenges.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) Parts

ESC Spectrum has a wide variety of CEMS parts to keep your facility running smoothly, ranging from the most common to the hardest to find. We have analyzers from major manufacturers including Thermo-Fisher, Teledyne and M&C, as well as umbilicals, probes and more.


Why ESC Spectrum?

We create innovative air emissions compliance software for facilities in a number of different industries. Our solutions help customers comply with regulatory requirements and avoid audits, inquiries, and fines as well as increase efficiency. ESC Spectrum software is supported by an in-house staff of developers, engineers, reporting professionals, and customer service experts.

We create hardware products thoughtfully and with high-quality components.

  • Our industry-leading 8864 Data Controller provides reliable, robust data collection, computation, and storage.
  • We have decades of experience and custom-build CEMS systems to each customer’s unique specifications.
  • Our wide variety of CEMS parts range from the most common to the hardest to find.

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ECMPS Re-Engineering Update

The ECMPS Re-Engineering Update includes an extension to the current beta testing period through the end of December 2023. Chris Worley, team leader for the ECMPS Re-Engineering project shares the upcoming changes. Read more below about the update and see how ESC Spectrum Reporting Services can help.

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Part 60 Monitoring Plan Overview

Part 60 Monitoring Plan Overview

Gain a clearer understanding of 40 CFR Part 60 with ESC Spectrum’s useful Part 60 Monitoring Plan Overview. This 13-page overview covers the most common industries found under the Part 60 air quality regulations served by ESC Spectrum’s StackVision™, Prism® and CEMDAS Evolution™ Data Acquisition Systems.

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