User Group

ESC Spectrum hosts twice-yearly User Group Meetings each spring (online) and fall (in-person). It’s an ideal opportunity for users to network with each other and the ESC Spectrum team, and to learn about products, services, best practices, industry topics, and more. These learning events are free for DASProtect customers. All attendees have access to presentations after each event to review and share with their colleagues.


Past User Group resources can be found in the Customer Community.

When Is The Next User Group?

Spring Online User Group 2022: Tuesday, May 17 - Thursday, May 19

User Group Benefits

You’ll have a chance to learn about a variety of subjects in air emissions compliance as well as ESC Spectrum products and services, including StackVision, Prism, FleXReports, QAInsight, RataView, 8864 Data Controllers, analyzers, CEMS troubleshooting, regulatory Q&A and more.  Typically, events include:

  • Member presentations on experiences and solutions
  • Guest presentations by industry experts
  • Breakout tracks with sessions for hands-on learning with other users
  • Support updates
  • Presentations from ESC Spectrum leaders on product roadmaps
  • On-site support desk
  • Additional training events before or after the User Group (free for DASProtect Fortress customers), including Modbus 101 and 102, Part 60 and Part 75 Regulatory Overviews, StackVision Data Review, refinery-specific courses, and more.
Support Team at User Group
The Customer Support Team standing by during User Group
User Group Planning
New Steering Committee members are elected each year

ESC Spectrum Steering Committee

The ESC Spectrum Steering Committee collaborates on User Group planning to ensure that topics are timely and valuable. To learn about the members of the Steering Committee and view the By-Laws, please access the User Group Members Only page via the Customer Community. 

“The beautiful thing about
learning is that no one can take it away from you."

B.B King

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Upcoming Events at ESC Spectrum

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