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CEMS Services


DASProtect is ESC Spectrum's robust package of support, maintenance, and training services designed to save your facility money, time and ensure your Data Acquisition System (DAS) runs smoothly and efficiently.

Engineering Services

Our professionals can configure a Data Acquisition System (DAS) to your facility’s precise requirements, ensure it is updated, align it with the latest regulations, and make it work smoothly with your other resources.

IT Services

Let our IT experts help you with the time-consuming challenges that come with Data Acquisition System (DAS) server software and hardware maintenance as well as data security and management.

Regulatory Services

ESC Spectrum has over 50 years of experience helping customers comply with local, state and federal regulations. We look forward to assisting you with your regulatory needs to keep you in compliance and audit-ready.

Reporting Services

Our Reporting analysts are standing by to help you record facility data and ensure your reports meet ever-changing requirements and are ready for final submission.


ESC Spectrum Training is your quick path to becoming skilled with our Data Acquisition System (DAS) products and understanding how they are used to comply with regulations. Our seasoned instructors provide in-person, on-site, and online training opportunities to ensure your staff is able to meet compliance. We teach practical knowledge based on five decades of experience in the construction, installation, troubleshooting and repair of CEM systems.

Analyzer Repairs and Upgrades

We understand that analyzers are integral to your CEMS. We offer customized solutions that include the parts and expertise needed to repair, maintain and upgrade your analyzers rooted in a deep knowledge of air emissions.


ESC Spectrum’s provides the services you need to protect your CEM system, keep your equipment in good working order, and stay in compliance.


Our CEMS Sitewalk and Evaluation process helps operators in various industries assess the condition of CEMS-equipped plants and facilities.

Umbilical System Inspection and Installation

ESC Spectrum’s Umbilical Systems Inspection and Installation service helps you keep your facility healthy to avoid downtime and failures.


Why ESC Spectrum?

Our CEMS Services experts provide the professional maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, calibration, training, and support you need to keep your systems healthy and in compliance.

From IT to Engineering to Reporting assistance, our experts help facilities with a wide range of services. From configuring a Data Acquisition System (DAS) to precise requirements to hosting to EDR reporting and beyond, our professionals have your back.

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