Engineering Services

Configuring a Data Acquisition System (DAS) is a complicated process, with federal, state, and local regulations constantly evolving and requiring system-wide changes. However, our engineering team has configured thousands of Data Acquisition Systems across the country and provides efficient and precise engineering assistance. Our professionals can configure our DAS software to meet your facility’s exact requirements, ensure it is updated, aligned with the latest regulations, and integrated with your other resources.


While software interfaces like StackVision’s StackStudio provide users with an intuitive interface to make changes to their DAS, if you are new to the software, unsure about regulatory directives, or unable to allocate staff resources, our expert Engineering Services team can help. You can schedule Engineering projects on a time and materials basis, choose from one of our fixed-price offerings, or purchase prepaid Engineering hours.

8864 Data Controller Expand & Update

The Expand and Update Engineering service provides a three-phase process to expand storage capacity and brings your 8864 Data Controller up to date.

DAS Compliance Review

Permits can be unclear, personnel move on, and rules change over time. During the DAS Compliance Review process, the Engineering team determines where your configuration is out of alignment and works with you to bring it back into compliance with the permit.

Prepaid Hours

Need quick access to the Engineering team? Get quick one-on-one help without a PO or quote with prepaid hours.

Private Training

Learn from an ESC Spectrum engineer using your DAS system with Private Training.

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