Perform Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) tests
accurately and efficiently with
RATAView software
to meet air emissions compliance.

Comply with regulations and conduct RATA tests faster.

RATAView software helps stack testers perform Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) tests accurately and efficiently to meet complex regulations, including requirements around testing frequency, calculations, data gathering, and data retention.


RATA testing presents a variety of challenges for stack testers. RATAView was built by stack testers for stack testers to help meet those challenges for faster testing with improved accuracy.  This software is configurable to meet your needs and easy to implement – you can run it from a standard workstation PC.

Create RATA workflows and automate your stack testing runs.

RATAView guides you through the configuration of a test queue to create a workflow, then automates the test process. Reuse the test workflow at any time with the click of a button in either automatic or manual mode. Choose to reset your test to clear out current results and start over, accept the test to stop or pause when needed.

This software makes it easy to troubleshoot and resolve your stack testing issues. With visibility into analog and digital i/o points, names, and real-time readings, you can spot potential issues before they become problems.

Calibration Gas Bottles
I/O Points
Build Test
Follows a "queue" of steps
Build, run, pause, and automate the test queue
Run Test
Real-time Results Displayed
Automatic or Manual Mode with Different Views
Excel Reporting Features
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Generate customized RATA reports quickly and easily.

RATAView makes reporting a breeze. Add data from a specific Test ID or identify a range of dates for the reporting tool, then generate your reports in Excel. Make any changes you’d like before generating XML file tabs for ECMPS submittal.

Evergy Case Study

Learn how Evergy used RataView software and the 8864 Data Controller for stack testing and increased efficiency by 25% within the year.

RATAView is packaged with the 8864 Data Controller for superior data collection.

A RATAView subscription includes an 8864 Data Controller, the most widely-used device in the industry for data collection, computation, and storage.  Calculations are pre-programmed and saved testing configurations can be reused to optimize efficiency. A capacitive touch screen and intuitive UI make performing common functions without a keypad or external device easy. You can access the UI remotely anywhere you have a network connection and web browser.

8864 Data Controller

Accurately and securely acquires, stores and protects your CEMS data from communications failures.

RATAView is in continuous development and backed by expert customer support.

RATAView is backed by best-in-class customer support from a dedicated team of experts and is supported by online and in-person training.

The software is in constant development to meet the needs of customers, and keep pace with changes in regulations and technology. Our developers seek customer feedback via User Groups and the Customer Community.

StackVision is backed by 24/7/365 Support

Michael is always very professional and knowledgeable.
I am always confident things will be resolved quickly with him.

Dave Patterson

Consulting Engineer (Air Quality Group), Ameren

ESC Spectrum has provided excellent engineering and procurement support.

Juan Cantu

Analyzer Specialist, ENglobal

Alex was very helpful in resolving the issues that I brought to him.

Kevin Bugay

Process Engineer, Cardinal Corporation

Even though we are only data logger users, the support staff has always been extremely nice,
very timely and completely knowledgeable on the topic at hand.

John Markely

Sr. Environmental Engineer, Kyger Creek

Very helpful, understood my issue and found the fix I needed.

Dane Ruberg

Instrument Technician, Xcel Energy

Scott is fantastic, very knowledgeable and very helpful!
Always know I am going to get the help I need when he answers the phone.

Celena Arreola

Environmental Engineer, El Paso Electric

Outstanding customer service!!!

Rick Gregory

IT Specialist/Network Admin, Calumet Specialty Partners

The customer service provided was quick and the agent sent additional information.

Ann Woods

Environmental Scientist, Agua Fria Generating Station

Excellent work!

Daniel Fefer

Contractor, Exelon

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