New Release: StackVision™ Version 7.4 Data Acquisition System

Industry-leading DAS StackVision Version 7.4 presents new features and provides enhancements and updates to existing features that will improve user efficiency.

AUSTIN, TX, March 21, 2024; ESC Spectrum, provider of industry-leading products and services for customers in the electric power and petroleum, chemical, glass, and a host of other industries, is excited to announce the release of StackVision 7.4.


Paired with the 8864 Data Controller, StackVision software creates the most robust, reliable, and widely-used DAS solution in the U.S. for air compliance monitoring needs. It helps a wide range of industries stay on top of compliance status and trends with a real-time set of tools and displays.


StackVision has more than 3,100 air emission sources in the petrochemical, refining, electric power generation, steel, and pulp and paper industries relying on it for monitoring and reporting in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulations.


Version 7.4 is a cumulative update that can be used for both new installations or for an upgrade to any test system running Version 7.0 or higher. Version 7.4 includes enhancements and bug fixes for the following StackVision feature areas:


  • Active Alarms
  • Application Alarm
  • CalLab
  • Charts
  • Documentation
  • ECMPS 2.0 MATS Updates (BETA)
  • Linearity / CGA
  • MATS – General Updates
  • Opacity Tests
  • Platform Support
  • Preview Features
  • ProcessNow Advanced
  • ProcessNow Tasks
  • Sorbent Traps
  • StackStudio
  • StackVision Installation File
  • StackVision OPC Data Manager Service
  • Task Scheduler Wizard
  • Tools
  • User Accounts


The following are some ECMPS 2.0 MATS Updates (BETA) to be included in StackVision 7.4:


  • ​​​​ACA Test Editor
  • Averaging Group Configuration / StackStudio
  • EDR Generator
  • EDR Template Setup – MDHV
  • EDR Template Setup – MMHV
  • EDR Template Setup – MATS Compliance Averages
  • MATS Deviation and Downtime / DataLab and XScript
  • PM Correlation Test Editor
  • RCA Test Editor
  • RRA Test Editor
  • Sample Volume Check (V) Sequence Type
  • Sorbent Trap Values / Rounding
  • SVA Test Editor


Currently, these features are implemented based on the latest reporting instructions and schema published by EPA in November, 2023. WARNING: These features are not fully tested, because EPA has not finalized its schema and its beta web client has issues that prevent us from testing all features completely. When EPA is going to make additional changes and/or update their beta web client, the functionalities in our release will likely need to make follow-up changes to comply with EPA’s updates.


The StackVision DAS is in continuous development and provides customers with updated features each quarter. Users are backed by 24/7 expert Customer Support and training resources to ensure the software runs smoothly, and their plants remain compliant.


Interested in learning if the StackVision Data Acquisition System is right for your facility? Please contact the ESC Spectrum Sales Team or fill out a form to get a personalized demo.

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