Data Acquisition System

Discover why more than 3,100 air emissions sources
in a wide variety of industries rely on
StackVision for monitoring and reporting

More facilities use StackVision than any other Data Acquisition System (DAS) for air emissions monitoring and reporting.

StackVision is the most widely used DAS software across the U.S. with more than 3,100 air emission sources in a wide variety of industries, including power generation, petrochemical, refining, and more

StackVision works seamlessly with the 8864 Data Controller to collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably.

Facilities across the U.S. rely on StackVision for accurate and reliable air emissions monitoring and reporting to meet federal, state, and local requirements.

StackVision is a user-configurable DAS, not a programmed solution.

After StackVision installation, security-enabled users can view and edit their configurations, calculations, exceedance limits, alarms, and new parameters to be monitored — all without knowledge of programming languages.

StackVision provides different tools to help users navigate the software. The CEMScape feature makes understanding the relationships between parameters easy with customizable visualization tools. DataLab is a powerful interface that performs all types of StackVision data analysis and corrections in one spot.

StackVision is supported by an in-house, US-based 24/7/365 customer support team.

StackVision is backed by best-in-class customer support from a dedicated team of experts and is supported by online and in-person training.

Our DAS services teams are standing by to support additional needs and include:

The DASProtect support and maintenance services program ensures round-the-clock support, access to knowledge base articles, discounted services, training, software upgrades, and more. 

StackVision software is continually updated to accomodate evolving regulations and support customer needs.

The StackVision DAS was specifically designed to meet the needs of air continuous monitoring compliance.  Its intuitive, innovative design keeps users on top of compliance status and trends with a real-time set of tools and displays.


The software is in constant development to meet the needs of customers, and keep pace with changes in regulations and technology. Our developers seek customer feedback via User Groups and the Customer Community

StackVision Data Acquisition System

We provide the training and resources to use StackVision to its fullest potential.

Our tailored training from StackVision experts ensures users managing emissions reporting are prepared and understand software best practices.

Training options include:


StackVision Training in Pensacola, FL

Use StackVision for quick, accurate reporting.

Reporting your continuous monitoring data and deviations is a critical obligation, but it doesn’t have to be frustrating.

Use StackVision to quickly compile and deliver accurate CEMS, CPMS and COMS reports to the relevant state and federal agencies without worrying about human error or outdated calculations.

Don’t have the time or staff for reports? Call on our professional Reporting Services team for help.

woman is typing on multiple monitors to report air emissions on

StackVision Features

User Configurable Dashboards
  • Drag & drop gauges, digital input lines, and tables that display real-time system data
  • Set flags that change the display when certain conditions are met or exceeded
  • View fleetwide system data in one location and in real-time
  • Large library of Permit (Part 60, 63, 75, etc.) QA, Certification, General, and System Design reports. Includes generation of XML files for ECMPS and CEDRI spreadsheets
  • Group Report Generator for bulk generation of multiple reports simultaneously for output to files or email
  • Task Scheduler for automated report generation and printing or distribution via email. Export to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF formats
Analyze and Correct Monitoring Data
  • Review and correct monitoring data using DataLab
  • View data using powerful query and filtering tools
  • Enter or overwrite data and automatically recalculate dependent data using ProcessNow
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel™
QA/Certification Tools
  • Useful Linearity/CGA and RATA tools
  • Create records and analyze results in real-time while tests are being conducted
  • Suite of reports designed to make reporting QA/Certification data quick and easy
What is StackVision's CEMScape?
CEMScape provides a graphical network display of StackVision parameters and configuration, making navigation easy. StackVision finds your configuration files and sets up a graphic model of your configuration in CEMScape, so you can easily understand parameter relationships
Properties Pane
This view shows details and properties of selected parameters. The General Tab shows basic details and properties. The Summary Tab shows associated details, such as equations for calculated parameters, and high and low values for standard averaging parameters.
The Main Display
This is the area where the selected parameters and network of associated parameters are displayed.
Selected Parameters
The outlines and colors applied around the selected parameter(s) make it easy to see and understand the connections between the network of associated parameters.
Enables Troubleshooting
CEMScape helps with troubleshooting by letting you see which parameters are associated with other parameters. Additionally, you can visualize if the parameters are upstream of the selected parameter. A custom display or view can be created by rearranging parameters and saving as a shared or user only view.
8864 Data Controller Properties in CEMScape
Simply click on a Data Controller in CEMScape and use the tools to enable or disable your controller, sync controller time with server time, start calibration and manually retrieve data.
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Michael is always very professional and knowledgeable.
I am always confident things will be resolved quickly with him.

Dave Patterson

Consulting Engineer (Air Quality Group), Ameren

ESC Spectrum has provided excellent engineering and procurement support.

Juan Cantu

Analyzer Specialist, ENglobal

Alex was very helpful in resolving the issues that I brought to him.

Kevin Bugay

Process Engineer, Cardinal Corporation

Even though we are only data logger users, the support staff has always been extremely nice,
very timely and completely knowledgeable on the topic at hand.

John Markely

Sr. Environmental Engineer, Kyger Creek

Very helpful, understood my issue and found the fix I needed.

Dane Ruberg

Instrument Technician, Xcel Energy

Scott is fantastic, very knowledgeable and very helpful!
Always know I am going to get the help I need when he answers the phone.

Celena Arreola

Environmental Engineer, El Paso Electric

Outstanding customer service!!!

Rick Gregory

IT Specialist/Network Admin, Calumet Specialty Partners

The customer service provided was quick and the agent sent additional information.

Ann Woods

Environmental Scientist, Agua Fria Generating Station

Excellent work!

Daniel Fefer

Contractor, Exelon

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