CEMS Parts

ESC Spectrum has a wide variety of CEMS Parts ranging
from the most common to the hardest to find

We have the CEMS parts you need to keep you facility running smoothly.

Are you looking to simplify and streamline your spare parts ordering process? If you manage inventory for your CEMS equipment, we can help. We provide the CEMS parts you need fast with personalized service and a fast response time.  ESC Spectrum will include parts from any manufacturer on a single order and never include processing or hidden fees.


Don’t let the hassle of CEMS parts ordering slow you down. Trust ESC Spectrum to be your partner in efficiency, reliability, and savings. Reach out today, and let’s streamline your spare parts journey together!

Personalized Experience

At ESC Spectrum, you're not just a number; you're a valued partner. Our personalized service ensures you get the attention and care you deserve.

Rapid Response Time

When you reach out to us, you won't be kept waiting. We pride ourselves on our rapid response time because we know that downtime is not an option.

All Brands, One Order

No need for multiple orders from various manufacturers. ESC Spectrum simplifies the process by allowing you to include parts from any manufacturer in a single order, making your life easier.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in honesty, which is why we never include processing or hidden fees. What you see is what you get – clear, straightforward pricing

ESC Spectrum offers a full range of Air Cleanup Systems to ensure dry instrument-grade air for your Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems. Learn more.

ESC Spectrum offers a full range of Air, Dust, and Tunnel Monitoring Systems to ensure regulatory compliance and safety.  Learn more.

We understand that analyzers and sampling components are integral to your facility. ESC Spectrum offers customized solutions for various applications, including Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), Process, Flares, Natural Gas, Combustion Control, and Gas Detection. Learn more.

ESC Spectrum supplies various filters, including disc, coalescing, and in-line filters of various materials and sizes, from a wide range of manufacturers. Learn more.

CEMFlow Compliance Stack Flow Monitoring System offers ultimate reliability and maintainability for measuring gas flow in a stack or duct. Learn more.

We provide simple, reliable, and easy-to-maintain Heated Extractive CEMS Probes and Dilution Probes from various suppliers. Learn more.

ESC Spectrum offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for your Flow Monitoring needs that is easy to install, use and maintain. Learn more.

CEMFlow S-Type Pitot Tube Compliance Stack Flow Monitoring Systems

CEMFlow offers ultimate reliability and maintainability for measuring gas flow in a stack or duct. Pitot tube gas flow monitoring systems provide the lowest installation and maintenance costs of any flow system on the market today.

For Compliance Stack Flow Monitoring, a simple pitot tube flow sensor is utilized in situ to measure differential pressure as gas flows up a stack or through a duct. High and low pressure is measured, then utilized to calculate stack velocity (using the Bernoulli equation). Multiplying by the stack/duct diameter converts this velocity to flow.

Learn more.

We ship quickly so you can avoid downtime.

We are your source for parts to keep your CEMS equipment up-to-date and operational. If there are parts you need help identifying, give us a call—we can help.


Need a part as soon as possible? In-stock items can be shipped the same day with overnight service or drop-shipped from the factory.

Learn More About Our Suppliers

We have a large inventory and can help you locate obsolete and hard-to-find items.

ESC Spectrum maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts representing a wide range of Original Equipment Manufacturers.


ESC Spectrum also has many parts for older and obsolete equipment. Before you replace your outdated but functional equipment, contact us for availability.

A Variety of CEMS Parts

Michael is always very professional and knowledgeable.
I am always confident things will be resolved quickly with him.

Dave Patterson

Consulting Engineer (Air Quality Group), Ameren

ESC Spectrum has provided excellent engineering and procurement support.

Juan Cantu

Analyzer Specialist, ENglobal

Alex was very helpful in resolving the issues that I brought to him.

Kevin Bugay

Process Engineer, Cardinal Corporation

Even though we are only data logger users, the support staff has always been extremely nice,
very timely and completely knowledgeable on the topic at hand.

John Markely

Sr. Environmental Engineer, Kyger Creek

Very helpful, understood my issue and found the fix I needed.

Dane Ruberg

Instrument Technician, Xcel Energy

Scott is fantastic, very knowledgeable and very helpful!
Always know I am going to get the help I need when he answers the phone.

Celena Arreola

Environmental Engineer, El Paso Electric

Outstanding customer service!!!

Rick Gregory

IT Specialist/Network Admin, Calumet Specialty Partners

The customer service provided was quick and the agent sent additional information.

Ann Woods

Environmental Scientist, Agua Fria Generating Station

Excellent work!

Daniel Fefer

Contractor, Exelon

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