CEMFlow Compliance Stack Flow
Monitoring System

CEMFlow Compliance Stack Flow Monitoring System offers ultimate reliability and maintainability for measuring gas flow in a stack or duct. Pitot tube gas flow monitoring systems provide the lowest installation and maintenance costs of any flow system on the market today. This system meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s 40 CFR Part 60 and Part 75 requirements.
For Compliance Stack Flow Monitoring, a simple pitot tube flow sensor is utilized in situ to measure differential pressure as gas flows up a stack or through a duct. High and low pressure is measured and then used to calculate stack velocity (using the Bernoulli equation). Multiplying by the stack/duct diameter converts this velocity to flow.
This system is ideal for various industries, including Coal and Fuel Plants, Wood-Fired Plants, Pulp and Paper, Processing Plants, Asphalt, and Cement.

We offer a flexibile and expandable S-Type Pitot Tube gas flow monitoring system to help plants stay in compliance with their air emissions regulations

Constant Purge of Pitot Tubes

CEMFlow includes a constant low velocity purge through the pitot tubes. This prevents moisture interference and helps to prevent probe plugging problems.

Built-in Probe Check

CEMFlow has a built-in continuous check for probe plugging and an automatically initiated probe purge to clean the probe in the event of a blockage.

Onboard Primary Reference Manual Calibration Capability

The signal output is easily verified against standard EPA#2 methods via an onboard manometer. There is no need to ever send a system back to the factory for adjustment or re-calibration.

Low Installation and Initial Cost

The pitot sensor requires one sample port at one given level on the stack compared to other systems that require two sample ports at different levels. There are also no utilities necessary at the sample location.

Accurate Determination of Gas Flow Above 5 ft./sec.

This allows sources with high levels of static variation tobe monitored with a minimum of interference. Very hostile conditions can also be monitored without endangering the instrument package.

No Utilities at the Stack or Duct

Only the sensor is mounted on the stack or duct therefore CEMFlow can be operated in hazardous environments.

Fully Automated Calibration & Constant Purge

This offers completeunattended operation. Plugging is avoided by constant purging. In the event of a purge or calibration failure, an alarm is provided to notify an operator.

Robust In-Situ Sensors

Sensors are available in a wide range of desired materials designed to allow them to stand up to corrosion, high temperatures, and other hostile environments.

+99.99% Uptime

With no moving parts or electronics exposed to the elements up on the stack, CEMFlow offers unparalleled performance and reliability.

Ease of Maintenance & Low Cost

There are no blower assemblies or filters at the sample location. The unit may be serviced with nothing more than a test meter and lower-leveltechnical support. Pitot tube technology utilizes solenoids, a simple power supply, DP cell, commonly used pressure switches and regulators, manometer, and an easily interchangeable control unit –all relatively inexpensive.

Simple and User-Friendly yet Sophisticated Controller

Everyday functions can be accessed and performed without the need to reprogram the controller, including Purge Frequency, Calibration Time, and Calibration Frequency.

picture of the panel for the CEMFlow monitoring system

Meet Key Suppliers

ESC Spectrum partners with key Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) and process control suppliers to ensure our customers have access to the right equipment for their facility’s application.

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