California Analytical Instruments (CAI)

ESC Spectrum is a proud partner of California Analytical Instruments (CAI).

Gas Phase Analyzers

  • Chemiluminescence Analyzers – NO, NO2, NOx
  • Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Analyzers – C3H8, CH4, CO, CO2, N2O, NH3, NO, NO2, SF6, SO2, HCL, HCOH
  • Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) Analyzers – CH4, CO, CO2, NO, O2, SO2
  • Oxygen Analyzers – O2
  • Flame Ionization Detection (FID) Analyzers – CH4, NMHC, THC
  • Photoacoustic Infrared Spectroscopy (PAS) Analyzers – C3H8, CH4, CO, N2O, NH3, NMHC, NOx, SF6, SO2, THC
  • Specialty Products
  • Gas Purity (GPA) Analyzers
  • UV Absorbance (UVA) Photometric Analyzers

Liquid Phase Analyzers

  • Near Infrared Absorbance (NIR) Photometric H2O Analyzers
  • UV-VIS Absorbance Photometric Color Analyzers
  • UV Fluorescence Oil-in-Water Analyzers
For more than 40 years, California Analytical Instruments (CAI) has produced the highest-quality gas analyzers and emission-monitoring systems for industrial, environmental, and process control applications. Bottom line: their instruments can accurately measure just about any gas.

With 30,000 analyzers in the field – and thousands of customers – CAI is uniquely equipped to deliver optimal solutions for a variety of analytical needs.

Products Offered:

  • 600 CLD Analyzer

  • 600 HFID Analyzer

  • 600 MHFID Analyzer

  • 600 NDIR Analyzer

  • 600 SC FTIR Analyzer

  • 600D NDIR Analyzer

  • 700 CLD Analyzer

  • 700 FTIR Analyzer

  • 700 FTIR Heated Sampler

  • 700 HFID Analyzer

  • 700 LX CLD Analyzer

  • 700 LX CLD/O2 Analyzer

  • 700 LX HCLD Analyzer

  • 700 LX HFID Analyzer

  • 700 LX MHFID Analyzer

  • 700 LX NDIR/O2 Analyzer

  • 700 LX Series O2 Analyzer

  • 700 Multipoint Sampler

  • 700 NDIR Analyzer

  • 700 Series Gas Divider

  • 7000 FTIR Analyzer

  • GPA 2000 Analyzer

  • Innova 1314i Analyzer

  • Innova 1512 Analyzer

  • NIR 4000L Analyzer

  • NOx Box System

  • Pump Pak II

  • UVA 5000 Analyzer

  • UVA 5000L Analyzer

  • UVF 5560L

  • Zero Air Generator (ZAG)

  • ZPA Analyzer NDIR/O2 Analyzer

  • ZRE Analyzer

  • ZRH Analyzer

CAI Company Video

For over four decades, California Analytical Instruments (CAI)  has led the gas and emissions analysis market. CAI produces the highest-quality gas analyzers and emission-monitoring systems for Industrial, Environmental, Process, Automotive, and many other applications, with over 30,000 analyzers in the field.


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