CEMS Solutions Case Study: O-I

Learn how the Owens-Illinois (O-I) glass manufacturer used ESC Spectrum's full suite of CEMS solutions to meet air compliance challenges.
CEMS Solutions for the Glass Industry

This case study will explore glass manufacturer Owens-Illinois’ (O-I) air monitoring and compliance challenges and how ESC Spectrum’s full range of CEMS solutions helped solve them. It features John DeSantis, the Environmental Manager of O-I’s Crenshaw and Brockway facilities, who has worked for O-I for 36 years in various roles. He is responsible for the implementation, maintenance, and oversight of plant Environmental Management Systems. He ensures the facilities are compliant with regulatory standards and are good neighbors within their communities.


About Owens-Illinois (O-I)

Owens-Illinois (O-I), a Fortune 500 company, is the world’s leading glass bottle manufacturer. O-I, its affiliates, and its licensees manufacture approximately one of every two glass containers worldwide. The company’s fleet includes 81 glass manufacturing plants in 21 countries.


What CEMS Challenges Did O-I Experience?

Over the years, DeSantis’ position has changed drastically.  “[My] job morphed from me being responsible for making sure the Responsible Official would be a signatory and then placing regulatory reports in the mail for submittal, to having the responsibility of completing all reporting. Then to completing proper, timely submittals along with the responsibilities of stormwater/water permits, waste reduction, and reporting, Title V Permit/Consent Decree compliance and reporting.”


DeSantis was held accountable for an ever-increasing array of compliance and reporting activities, with little extra time or staff to complete them. Two of the main challenges DeSantis experienced at O-I were:


  1. Increased Need for Cost Savings and Efficiency
  2. Lack of Proficient CEMS Technicians


How Did ESC Spectrum’s Full Suite of CEMS Solutions Help O-I Meet Their Compliance Challenges?

When DeSantis started his current position in 2015, both the Crenshaw and Brockway plants were already using some of ESC Spectrum’s solutions. To solve additional challenges the facilities were facing, O-I expanded their adoption of ESC Spectrum’s products and services during DeSantis’ tenure. 


DeSantis used the services of other vendors for stack testing and reporting before moving to ESC Spectrum. However, the merger of ESC and Spectrum in 2018 brought two much-needed services under one roof.


“We started to have discussions on bringing all things associated with emissions – Stack Testing, Reporting Services and StackVision with Fortress-level Protection – under one umbrella so to speak, and save some money by bundling all those services together for our two facilities.”


The Crenshaw and Brockway plants now use ESC Spectrum’s full suite of air emissions compliance solutions, from Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) shelters and CEMS services to Data Acquisition System (DAS) and reporting services. The facilities employ the user-configurable, industry-leading StackVision™ DAS, paired with 8864 Data Controllers, to meet the monitoring and reporting requirements of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulators.


ESC Spectrum Benefit #1: Increased Monitoring and Reporting Efficiency

The StackVision DAS offers insights into emissions and compliance that other software solutions cannot. StackVision is user-driven and has an innovative and configurable design that keeps you on top of your compliance status and trends with a real-time set of tools and displays.


With the implementation of StackVision, O-I received access to ESC Spectrum’s DASProtect, which offers a robust package of support, maintenance, and training services designed to save facilities money, time, and ensure StackVision runs smoothly and efficiently.


O-I opted for the Fortress-level DASProtect agreement, which comes with a host of benefits, including:

  • Assistance updating and installing StackVision server and quarterly software updates
  • Discounts on spare parts and replacement parts
  • Access to additional DAS modules
  • Free training, including access to the StackVision Success Program


O-I was able to save money and increase efficiency by using ESC Spectrum’s Reporting Services. The ESC Spectrum Reporting team is well-versed in regulatory requirements and the StackVision DAS. Our dedicated Reporting Analysts correctly record your data and ensure your reports meet the ever-changing requirements so they’re ready for final submission to regulatory agencies.

“It was important to me to have that expert ‘safety net’ that not only knows the regulations but also the system we use to comply with the regulations,” explained DeSantis.


ESC Spectrum Benefit #2: Expert Team of CEMS Technicians

ESC Spectrum has decades of experience in building and maintaining CEMS systems. We have a team of expert CEMS Technicians with in-depth knowledge of the CEMS process, monitoring and ancillary hardware, control systems, and reporting software requirements involved, that is equipped to custom-build each system to the customer’s unique specifications.


The ESC Spectrum CEMS team created shelters for both the Crenshaw and Brockway plants, including robust instrument air systems, M&C dilution sample probes, Thermo Fisher analyzers, temperature and flow control systems, spare parts, and quarterly field services. ESC Spectrum built the shelter, and a smooth implementation followed.


“Once the shelter was built, outfitted, and delivered, ESC Spectrum provided an engineer and two technicians, and the shelter equipment install was a smooth process,” said DeSantis.


ESC Spectrum also offers a total suite of CEMS services from a single source, including professional maintenance, training, repair, calibration, and stack testing. According to DeSantis, choosing ESC Spectrum’s CEMS testing, and maintenance services made sense.

“We always thought it to be beneficial to have the builders be the testers/maintenance folks also. Who better to work on the equipment, other than the people that built the system?”

Does O-I Recommend ESC Spectrum’s CEMS Solutions?

Overall, the benefits to using ESC Spectrum’s products and services provided positive results, from lower costs to passing on industry knowledge, streamlining processes, and ongoing support and training.


Would DeSantis recommend ESC Spectrum to his peers?


“Absolutely,” he stated.


How Can We Help Your Facility Meet Air Compliance Requirements?

We are a full solution provider for air emissions compliance: from building CEMS shelters and performing maintenance on them, to developing Data Acquisition Systems and other compliance software, to testing, repairs, spare parts…and all the DAS and CEMS services to support those activities. Please Contact Us  to see how we can help you.  

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