Thermo Fisher Scientific

ESC Spectrum is a proud third-party seller of Thermo Fisher Scientific products and CEMS analyzers.

  • Ambient Particulate & Air Monitors

  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers

  • CEM Systems

  • Dilution and Extractive Probes & Controllers

  • Industrial Hygiene Instruments  

  • Nitrogen and Nitrous Oxide Analyzers

  • Ozone (O3) Analyzer

  • Sensor Air Quality Monitors

  • Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) Analyzers

Thermo Fisher is a leader in analytical instrumentation for environmental and process control monitoring. Their solutions for environmental applications include Gas Analyzers, Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography & more.

Products Offered:


  • 15i

  • 405i

  • 410i

  • Series: 410iQ, 410iQ HL

  • Series: 42i, 42iD, 42i HL, 42i LS, 42i TL, 42i Y

  • Series: 42iQ, 42iQ HL, 42iQ LS , 42iQ TL, 42iQD

  • Series: 43i, 43i HL, 43i TLE

  • Series: 43iQ, 43iQ HL, 43iQ TL

  • 450i

  • 450iQ

  • 46i HL

  • Series: 48i, 48i HL, 48i TLE

  • Series: 48iQ, 48iQ TL

  • 49iQ

  • Series: 51i HT, 51i LT

CEM Systems

  • Mercury Freedom System


  • Series: 1405, 1405-D, 1405-DF, 1405-F TEOM
  • 5014i
  • 5028i
  • 5030i SHARP
  • 8500 Filter Dynamics Measurement System
  • GM 5000

Probes & Controllers

  • 200 LD Probe Controller
  • 200 LS Probe Controller
  • EPM. 300 Diluting Stack Sampler
  • PRO2001 WHP Probe
  • PRO3000 Probe
  • PRO902C Probe
  • PRO903 Probe

Watch Thermo Fisher Scientific's Company Video

You can learn more about Thermo Fisher Scientific, the industries they proudly serve and their efforts to enable customers to make the world healthier, cleaner, and safer. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific YouTube Channel

Thermo Scientific YouTube Channel

View Thermo Fisher Featured Products

42iQ Analyzer

42iQ HL Analyzer

42iQ LS Analyzer

43iQ Analyzer

410iQ Analyzer

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