ESC Spectrum Expands Thought Leadership in Regulatory Realm with Launch of “The Source” Air Emissions Compliance Blog

After 50 years in the emissions compliance industry, ESC Spectrum launched "The Source" blog. The Source seeks to offer advice and explanations regarding air emissions compliance based on ESC Spectrum's decades of experience.

Austin, TX, January 20, 2022; ESC Spectrum, industry leader in continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) solutions, introduces The Source air emissions compliance blog, a virtual space for guidance and resources regarding air monitoring and compliance. ESC Spectrum has over 50 years in the emissions compliance industry and has acquired an abundance of knowledge in the field.


The Source Blog seeks to offer advice and explanations regarding federal, state and local regulations, CEMS best practices, audit checklists, case studies, news and more based on decades of ESC Spectrum’s expertise.


“We’re excited to share our wealth of expertise in the air emissions compliance and monitoring world. Staying on top of federal, state and local regulations, changing technology and processes, equipment maintenance and software tools for facilities is challenging,” said Anna Wilson, Corporate Marketing Manager at ESC Spectrum. “The Source is intended to help you better understand and manage this complex world, one post at a time.”


The Source is updated weekly with new posts and hosts a variety of informative articles, such as What to Expect with the ECMPS 2.0 Tool Transition, What is the EPA 40 CFR Part 75 Regulation, How to Perform Fuel Flow to Load or Gross Heat Rate Checks, and CEMS Data Review Checklists. The blog also features case studies on customers’ positive experiences using ESC Spectrum’s CEMS products and services, such as this one on a petrochemical plant’s experience using the StackVision™ data acquisition system (DAS).


ESC Spectrum delivers best-in-class products and services for air emissions compliance to customers in various industries, including electric power, petroleum, chemical, glass, and more. The company is the leading provider of data acquisition systems (DAS) in the U.S, offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution that includes software, hardware, and services. Products include StackVision™ and Prism® DAS, the 8864 Data ControllerQAInsight™FlexReports™, and RataView™. Their services provide ReportingRegulatoryIT, and Engineering expertise. The company supplies CEMS design and integrationmaintenancecalibrationrepairstrainingstack testing, and more.


To suggest a blog topic, or for information or a quote for ESC Spectrum products and services, please contact us.


For media inquiries, please contact Peyton Greaney, Marketing Specialist II.

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