Air Emissions Regulations 101

Air Emissions Regulations 101

Air Emissions Regulations 101 provides an overview of EPA history, the similarities and differences between Part 60, 63 and 75 and ESC Spectrum’s role in monitoring and compliance.

CEMS Data Review Checklists

CEMS Data Review Checklists

January is the perfect time for organizing – from straightening your closet to cleaning up your desktop to following resolutions to stay on top of reviewing your CEMS data. There are many data points to track at different times of the year. To help make this process easier, we’ve created a series of CEMS Data Review Checklists to keep it all straight.

ESC Spectrum Expands Product and Service Offerings, Testing Capabilities, Regional Reach with Acquisition of Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring Solutions Acquisition

ESC Spectrum, an industry leader in air emissions monitoring and compliance, has acquired Monitoring Solutions, further growing the company’s footprint in the Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) market. The acquired company will operate as Monitoring Solutions, an ESC Spectrum Company. Monitoring Solutions has been helping customers meet demands for air pollution monitoring and reporting due to Part 60 and Part 75 regulatory requirements since 1997.

ESC + Spectrum Systems = ESC Spectrum

ESC Spectrum Join Forces

On January 1, 2021, Environmental Systems Corporation and Spectrum Systems made an administrative change to their legal structure resulting in a legal name change to ESC Spectrum Corporation.

Bridging the RSR Compliance Gap: Part 2

This article appeared in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s August 2020 issue. This article focuses on US EPA approved alternative 131 (ALT 131). ALT 131 allows for total calibration cylinder net heating value (NHV) as an alternative to the PS-9 requirement that specifies calibration and calibration check individual component agreement.

Bridging the RSR Compliance Gap: Part 1

In this article, which appeared in Hydrocarbon Engineering’s July 2020 issue, you’ll learn how, with the introduction of RSR and the copious amounts of data now required for compliance, many refineries are turning to a data acquisition system like Stackvision to meet regulatory requirements.