Particulate Matter CEMS: Navigating New EPA Regulations

This article will walk you through the role of Particulate Matter (PM) Continuous Emissions Monitoring System's (CEMS) in air compliance.

On May 9, 2024, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized the New Source Performance Standards for Greenhouse Gas Emissions for New, Modified, and Reconstructed Electric Generating Units and emission guidelines for existing electric generating units. This significant regulatory update, effective from July 8, 2024, sets forth new compliance timelines and requirements centered around particulate matter monitoring.


One of the new requirements involves all Mercury Air Toxic Standards (MATS) facilities to meet new requirements involving PM CEMS, PM Limit, Hg Limit, and Startup Definition #2 removal. This blog post will focus on the PM CEMS requirement, what these systems are, and how ESC Spectrum can help you meet these new requirements.


The Role of PM CEMS in Compliance

Particulate Matter Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (PM CEMS) are essential for accurately measuring and reporting PM emissions in real-time. The EPA estimates that while only one-third of MATS facilities currently use PM CEMS, all are now required to implement these systems to meet the new standards.


PM CEMS provide several benefits such as the following:


  • Real-Time Data: Continuous monitoring offers immediate insights into emission levels, allowing for prompt corrective actions.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensures facilities meet stringent EPA requirements, avoiding potential fines and penalties. For the new regulations, the timeline for compliance is 3 years (with an option for a one-year extension).
  • Improved Data Acquisition: By accurately tracking PM emissions, facilities can optimize their operations to minimize environmental impact. By using one, you can anticipate issues, get instant monitoring insights, and allow for easier data reporting.


Want a deep dive to learn more about the new regulations? Read our blog post “Final Rules – MATS Residual Risk & Technology Review and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Performance Standards”.


How ESC Spectrum Can Assist With Particulate Matter Monitoring

At ESC Spectrum, we understand the challenges facilities face in adapting to new regulatory requirements. Our team is ready to assist MATS facilities in implementing PM CEMS and making necessary adjustments to their Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) to ensure seamless compliance.


We work with a variety of suppliers to provide products for two forms of PM CEMS equipment: In-Situ and Extractive. In-Situ deals with “dry” stacks while Extractive deals with “wet” ones. Every facility is different and we can help you determine which product is the right fit for your needs. Here are a few of the particulate matter monitoring equipment solutions that we offer:


Additional Particulate Matter Monitoring Resources

The EPA’s new regulations represent a significant step forward in reducing emissions and protecting the environment. While the compliance timeline of three years provides some flexibility, facilities must begin planning and implementing changes as soon as possible. To learn more about the new regulations, refer to the EPA MATS webpage.


For a better general understanding of CEMS and Emissions Regulations, view our guides on each topic:


By partnering with ESC Spectrum, you can navigate these regulatory changes with confidence. Our CEM Systems and Services are tailored to the needs of a variety of industries. Contact us today to learn how we can assist your facility in meeting the new EPA regulations.

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