What to Expect with the ECMPS Tool Transition (ECMPS 2.0)

CAMD is in the process of replacing the outdated ECMPS Client tool – now over a decade old – with a new, web-based program: ECMPS 2.0. Learn key deadlines and important information about upcoming changes.
ECMPS 2.0 tool transition

ECMPS Client Tool Transition Background

The Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) is engaged in replacing their existing evaluation tool, the Emission Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS), with an updated web-based program. The new ECMPS 2.0 Client Tool upgrade from an XML to a JSON file format for more efficient processing.


ECMPS 2.0: The ECMPS Client Tool’s Web-Based Replacement

Currently, ECMPS is used to evaluate three types of records: Monitoring Plan, Quality Assurance (QA), and Certification and Emission. The Monitoring Plan records are normally created, edited, updated, and evaluated in the ECMPS tool. The QA and emission files are generally created in the Data Acquisition System (DAS), but ECMPS can be used to update or edit imported records.


The current functionality will be transferred to ECMPS 2.0. The goal is for ECMPS 2.0 to be accepted as an equivalent and replacement evaluation tool. CAMD states they do not plan to add new functionality, other than accepting the new “MATS reporting” records in 2024.


Beta testing for the Monitoring Plan portion of ECMPS 2.0 begins December 14, 2021, and it will initially be able to import and evaluate only Monitoring Plan files. Prior to using the new tool, a username and password will need to be established for access to EPA’s CDX Development database. CAMD will release instructions on how to obtain a username on the ECMPS reengineering website.


The Transition from XML to JSON Files

The primary file format supported by ECMPS 2.0 is JSON files – a change from the current tool’s XML format. This new format condenses files for quicker processing and enhanced reporting efficiency.


In Spring of 2022, CAMD will begin beta testing ECMPS 2.0 for generating and evaluating Quality Assurance and Certification JSON files. A beta testing period for the hourly emission files will also take place in Spring of 2022. The plan is for every facility that uses ECMPS to migrate to ECMPS 2.0 by January 1, 2023.


CAMD will require additional “MATS reporting” records for those affected units in their respective records starting in January of 2024.


How Will ESC Spectrum Support You During the ECMPS Transition Period?

ESC Spectrum is planning on adapting our two data acquisition systems (DAS) — StackVision™ and Prism™ — to embrace the upcoming reporting file format changes. Currently, ECMPS is able to evaluate the XML formatted files generated by either ECMPS or from a DAS used by a CEM system operator.


During ECMPS 2.0’s dedicated beta testing periods, the StackVision and Prism data acquisition systems will be updated to allow them to generate quality assurance and certification files, along with hourly emission files, both in the existing XML format and the new JSON format files. The intent is to generate both types of files and evaluate them separately, using their respective evaluation tools. The goal behind this comparison is to make sure ECMPS 2.0 can evaluate the JSON file and determine that it is evaluated to the same degree as an XML file in ECMPS.

A Note from Senior Regulatory Specialist Jon Konings

I am recommending you frequently visit the ECMPS re-engineering website to keep up to date on the many changes that are coming in 2021 through 2023. I expect updated reporting instructions will be released and posted, along with tutorials and other support documentation. Also included on the website is information from the last two recorded conference calls hosted by EPA’s Chris Worley.


The transition from using ECMPS to ECMPS 2.0 is an infrequent event and many issues are unknown at this point in time. It will be an interesting and challenging period and I am available to address any questions that may come up.


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ECMPS Tool Transition: Important Dates

EPA Host System Unavailable

Users will be unable to connect to EPA Host system on the morning of December 8 in preparation for ECMPS Client release.

December 8, 2021

Newest Release of ECMPS Client Tool

The newest version of the ECMPS Client Tool is scheduled to be released on December 8, 2021.

December 8, 2021

ECMPS 2.0 Beta Testing: Monitoring Plans

Beta testing for ECMPS 2.0 Monitoring Plan portion begins December 14, 2021.

December 14, 2021

ECMPS 2.0 Beta Testing: QA and Certification & Emission Records

Beta testing for the QA Records and Certification & Emission Records portion of ECMPS 2.0 begins in Spring of 2022.

Spring 2022

Mandatory Use of ECMPS 2.0

Use of ECMPS 2.0 becomes mandatory starting with the January 2023 reporting period.

January 2023

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