What are the MATS Revisions from September 2020?

Learn about the final revisions to the Mercury and Air Toxins Standards (MATS) and where to find resources on these revisions.

What are the September 2020 MATS Revisions? 

On September 9, 2020 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published the final changes to the Mercury and Air Toxins Standards (MATS)limiting the allowable amount of mercury (Hg) and other pollutants from coal and coal-fired power plants. These changes reflect the EPA’s goal of creating a unified reporting program that utilizes the Emission Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS) tool to evaluate and submit electronic report files. The EPA’s website has a page that lists and explains all of the revisions to the MATS rule. The MATS revisions from September 2020 will take mandatory effect in 2024. 


What is the “Preamble” to the MATS Revisions? 

The EPA released a preamble to the MATS revisions that gives necessary insight and background information to understanding the changes. The preamble identifies: 

  • The sections added to the existing rule, 
  • The sections changing in the existing rule, 
  • The reasoning behind these changes, and 
  • The reasoning for not including other suggested changes. 


Where Can I Find Resources to Help Me Better Understand the September 2020 MATS Revisions? 

ESC Spectrum’s MATS Readiness Center in the Customer Community is a central point of reference for all of the MATS resources that ESC Spectrum has to offer.  


Interested in learning more about MATS regulations and staying in compliance? Read our Definitive Guide to Air Emissions Regulations.

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