StackVision™ Case Study: New Orleans Power Station

Learn how the New Orleans Power Station used StackVision for Reciprocal Internal Combustion Engine (RICE)-specific monitoring and reporting.
StackVision Case Study

This case study will focus on Entergy Corporation’s challenges and how they were able to solve them using ESC Spectrum’s StackVision software. It features Richie Corvers, who has a 32-year history with Entergy.


After beginning his career as a Chemistry Technician at the Entergy Waterford 3 Nuclear Plant, Richie transferred to the Entergy Waterford 1&2 Plant and managed  the Chemistry, Environmental, and Safety Programs for the site. Richie is now the Air Lead for the Entergy Power Generation Plants and supports 14 sites.


One of the sites Richie supports is the New Orleans Power Station (NOPS), a 128-megawatt power station designed to help support the delivery of reliable power to customers more efficiently with less environmental impact.


New Orleans Power Station (NOPS) Overview

Although the New Orleans Power Station is not required per the Title V Air Permit to install a Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS), there are several reasons the facility needed a data acquisition system (DAS):


1. Consecutive Emissions Compliance Needs

New Orleans Power Station’s permit requires the site to comply with the emission limits through calculated actual emissions based on a 12 consecutive month period. The site must have the capability to run an emissions report at any time to demonstrate to a Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) inspector the current 12-month average for all pollutants listed in the air permit. 


2. Annual Monitoring and Reporting Requirements for Reciprocal Internal Combustion Engines (RICE)

NOPS must submit annual reports to the LDEQ reporting each Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine’ (RICE) annual emissions, startup/shutdown events, operating hours, heat input, and fuel consumption. 


3. City Reporting Provisions

 The city requires NOPS send all environmental air reports to the New Orleans City Council to post on a public webpage.


Why Did the New Orleans Power Station Choose StackVision for Their Data Monitoring and Reporting Needs?

“Different regulations apply to different plants and supporting 14 sites is challenging. Each site has different permit requirements, so we rely heavily on CEMS to provide the tools for compliance (i.e. alarms, reports).”

Environmental compliance at Entergy is a top priority and supporting fourteen Power Generation sites from an air permitting perspective is no easy feat, with each being subject to different regulatory requirements. Fortunately, choosing a data monitoring and reporting solution for the New Orleans Power Plant was easy; all of Entergy’s other Power Generation Plants (except Solar Plants) use StackVision. Based on its positive track record, Richie decided to implement the software at the New Orleans Power Station too. 


StackVision Benefits

ESC Spectrum’s StackVision™  was an obvious solution for NOPS for many reasons: 


StackVision Benefit #1: Accessibility of Data

StackVision provides the capability to provide consecutive data calculations and allows for historical and engine operating data to be archived and readily accessible for regulatory audits and inspections. This capability makes it easy for NOPS to comply with 12-month average requirements. 


Stackvision Benefit #2: RICE-Specific Monitoring and Reporting Capabilities

StackVision monitors and reports on the fuel consumption for each RICE engine, startup/shutdown events and hours, operating times for each engine, air to fuel ratios, oxidation catalysts/SCR operation times, NOx ppm values from each engine’s NOx-Box system and NOx sensors, ammonia flows to SCR, and much more. After StackVision monitors NOx values, it calculates NOx lbs/hr emissions rates for compliance with permit limits. StackVision also establishes warning and exceedance alarms based on specific permit requirements. 


StackVision Benefit #3: Streamlined and Customizable Report Functionality

The StackVision allows users to generate reports based on various permit requirements for submission to  local, state, and federal regulatory agencies. StackVision’s Report function ensures the accuracy of reports and streamlines the reporting process. 


We Work with You: NOPS’ StackVision Implementation

The StackVision implementation process is systematic – ESC Spectrum’s Implementation team utilizes a phase-gate process to manage the execution of a project to ensure its success by requiring key project stakeholders to review and approve work as it is completed.


For the New Orleans Power Station, the Implementation team reviewed the plant’s Title V Permit to determine which regulations applied, what needed to be monitored, which reports were needed, and what alarms were required. When that was determined, the team consulted with Entergy’s Engineering and Operations personnel at the plant to design the system. Once the DAS was designed, ESC Spectrum conducted a Factory Acceptance Test and provided training to Entergy personnel on the system. After proper training had been accomplished, the Implementation team installed the DAS at the site.

“I interact quite frequently with Operations personnel for all the sites support and they all think highly of StackVision. If I have an idea for monitoring, I know I can contact certain folks at ESC Spectrum who are always willing to help and provide guidance.”

New Orleans Power Station’s Success with StackVision

Since implementing StackVision at NOPS, Richie has pointed out many features he benefits from, including intuitive reporting tools, the alarms function, the Task Scheduler Wizard, emailing of various reports, Charts, the Console Viewer Screen, the development ability, and ease of data mining.


When asked if he would consider any other solutions or companies, Richie answered “No – only ESC Spectrum. I am very pleased with the level of service from ESC Spectrum. 


StackVision is in constant development and backed by ESC Spectrum’s premier 24/7/365 Support team. Have questions about how StackVision can help your facility? Contact us to see how we can help you.

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