End of Year CEMS Checklist

December can be a challenging time to prepare for the New Year: it’s cold, and the upcoming holidays interfere with your attempts to get everything done on time! That’s why we have created a list of critical CEMS items you should address before the final countdown to ensure a Happy New Year.
End of Year CEMS Checklist

Be Prepared!

Benjamin Franklin famously said that “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” This list of critical items will lead you down the path to a healthy, safe and well-planned 2022.

CEMS Countdown to 2022 Checklist

  • Review the status of your gas cylinders

    Remember, the gas vendors will probably be shut down for the holidays, so make sure you have plenty of gas cylinders on site.

  • Review Hourly Values

    Review the highest hourly values for SO2, NOX, CO2 , and flow rate values recorded over the past year to see if any adjustment to the MPC1, MEC, span, or range setting might be necessary. A quick check now would give you an idea if a different blend of calibration and linearity gas cylinders is needed early in the new year.

  • Review Stack Testing Requirements

    Review the stack testing required for your permit for the upcoming year and make sure that you have a current copy of the testing procedures for submission to the state or local agency. If not, get in contact with the stack testers and prepare the testing procedures.

  • Begin Scheduling Stack Testing

    Contact your operational staff to begin a conversation about scheduling testing for 2022. Find out the outage schedule for each of the units for the upcoming year. Make sure you still have an open contract or purchase order with your stack testers; if not, you will need to get bids.

  • Locate Your Signed Notification Letter

    Make sure you have a notification letter signed by the Designated Representative and the Responsible Official for permit testing.

Need Help? 

Need assistance with stack testing, permits, reporting, engineering, or CEMS maintenance services (or just about anything else related to air emissions compliance and monitoring) in the new year? Contact us now to see how we can help!

Interested in learning a more comprehensive overview of how CEM Systems work? Read Understanding Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS): A Comprehensive Guide. This guide will give you a complete understanding of all the components in the flow of a CEMS.

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