StackVision™ Case Study: Delek-Tyler Refinery

Learn how the Delek-Tyler, TX refinery employed the StackVision Data Acquisition System to solve their complex needs and comply with RSR regulations.
StackVision Case Study

This case study will focus on Delek-Tyler Refinery’s challenges and how they were able to solve them using ESC Spectrum’s StackVision software. It features Pam Hemphill, the Air Quality Coordinator who is responsible for all projects pertaining to compliance with the EPA’s Refinery Sector Rule (RSR). 


Pam analyzes how to interpret the rules as they pertain to the Delek facility and makes critical decisions on the data collection hardware and data management software necessary for compliance at the Delek-Tyler Refinery.


Delek-Tyler Refinery Overview

The Delek-Tyler Refinery is located in Tyler, TX, that produces gasoline, distillates, and propane products. The crude oil throughput capacity is 75,000 barrels per day, with products transported by truck and rail. 


The refinery has a carbon monoxide (CO) boiler, two Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) units in a Sulfur Recovery Plant, fuel gas, flare, and 12 other CEMS sources.


Delek-Tyler’s Regulatory and Data Collection Challenges

Delek-Tyler utilized spreadsheets and an outdated software system, which created problems for their increasingly complex needs: 

  1. Data Access & Delays
  2. Operational Inefficiencies


Delek-Tyler Challenge #1: Data Access & Delays

For Pam, the outdated software and spreadsheet solutions that Delek-Tyler utilized did not meet their ever-growing needs for RSR compliance. Data in the spreadsheets were dependant on input from multiple departments and often had to be verified by others; moreover, the environmental team was not always informed about impactful events such as calibration and maintenance and often included inherited non-verifiable data. Getting access to much-needed historical information presented additional challenges. Hemphill sought to create a proactive compliance program informed by accurate, accessible current and historical data.


Delek-Tyler Challenge #2: Operational Inefficiencies

Before utilizing StackVision, Ms. Hemphill relied on her DCS group to backfill data, a timely process that often left her in the dark regarding the status of the facility’s compliance.


“While it was a matter of compliance, that doesn’t always get that kind of attention. For example, right now, we have a turnaround going on, and it’s all hands on deck, and if we don’t get this thing up and running don’t time, then we are shitting down parts of the refiner and we don’t want to do that. It’s not that we don’t want to be in compliance, it’s about that there are three people in the DCS group and there are only 24 hours in the day.”


Similarly, if an analyzer did not provide the right data, she would ask an Analyzer Technician to retrieve it. 


“You guys (ESC Spectrum) came out and did a presentation and when you left, everyone said ‘we need 10 of those!’ Everybody liked what we saw…the fact that the data would be there and the DAS looks at the data and gives me an opportunity to validate it and…my CEMS technician (doesn’t) have to go somewhere else to tell me that he is working on the equipment – it improves our communication.”

-Pam Hemphill, Delek-Tyler Refinery


Why Delek-Tyler Choose StackVision and the 8864 Data Controller For Air Compliance Monitoring

Why use StackVision for air emissions regulatory compliance and data collection and management? Pam heard positive feedback from other facilities before deciding to evaluate StackVision. 


“There were great reviews from people who had been using ESC Spectrum for years,” explained Ms. Hemphill.


ESC Spectrum’s software is leading-edge data acquisition software that offers insights into emissions and compliance that other software solutions simply cannot. StackVision is the most widely used DAS software across the U.S., with more than 3,100 air emission sources in the petrochemical, refining, electric power generation, steel, and pulp and paper industries relying on it for monitoring and reporting. 


The StackVision DAS:

  • Meets the monitoring and reporting requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and state regulators.  
  • Is specifically designed to meet the needs of air continuous monitoring compliance.  
  • Is user-driven and has an innovative and configurable design that keeps you on top of your compliance status and tends with a real-time set of tools and displays. 
  • Is in constant development to stay  up-to-date with the ever-changing regulatory realm. 


StackVision works seamlessly with the 8864 Data Controller to collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably. The 8864 Data Controller is a sophisticated, powerful hardware bridge between StackVision software and your emissions monitoring rack. This hard-working device accurately and securely acquires, stores, and protects your CEMS data from communications failures within your system. 


Delek-Tyler’s StackVision Benefit: Easy Access to Any and All Data

Since implementing StackVision, the Delek-Tyler refinery has seen many improvements, including relieving difficulties in accessing and maintaining historical data. 


Delek-Tyler has been able to decrease time wasted in turnaround and improve interdepartmental communication. 


Delek-Tyler’s previous system relied on information tediously compiled into spreadsheets to analyze data points and confirm compliance. Maintaining data this way wasted time and often left Ms. Hemphill in the dark regarding the status of the facility’s compliance. 


Access to the emissions data and calculations that were once limited to spreadsheets and the DCS group is now held on the StackVision server. StackVision has empowered Delek-Tyler to track where information and signals are being rooted, eliminating the interdepartmental limitations that once existed between the refinery personnel. With StackVision, complying with even the most complicated regulations – like the Refinery Sector Rule – is now stress-free.


Delek-Tyler’s StackVision Benefit: Customizable New Training for Employees

StackVision’s new users are given the resources and guidance they need to be successful. Delek-Tyler valued the customizable training for employees who aren’t as experienced with the StackVision Software. Through the StackVision Success Program Delek-Tyler employees were able to understand how StackVision works with their facility at their own pace. With repeatable, reviewable lessons and resources with reminders and certificates for completing milestones, the StackVision Success Program coursework optimized their software experience. 


Backed by 24/7/365 Customer Support, employees had access to assistance whenever they needed it.


“So far it’s been awesome. The service we’ve gotten has been really good…I feel good about it and then after listening to all the conversations that I have heard, especially after you left the room…everyone is really happy with it. I am excited that the product is getting really good reviews from people that have been rising it and they don’t feel like this was difficult to implement.”


Would Delek-Tyler Recommend StackVision to Other Refineries?

Thanks to StackVision, Delek-Tyler can now efficiently and effectively monitor emissions data for air compliance. “(The) data is there for me and I can get it myself…if I am empowered to do that then I don’t have to infringe on other groups to show continuous compliance,” said Ms. Hemphill. “The easier you make this for me, then the happier I am going to be because I don’t have to do it.”


ESC Spectrum is a total solution provider for air emissions compliance: from providing quarterly maintenance training, as well as mobile testing, stack testing, repair, and calibration, to developing Data Acquisition Systems and other compliance software….and all the DAS and CEMS services to support those activities. Contact us for a customized demo of StackVision or any of the air emissions solutions that we provide.

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