New Release: QAInsight™ Version 1.3 Now Available

QAInsight helps industrial companies solve challenges with scheduling, planning, and tracking a myriad of activities related to performing Quality Assurance tests required by state and federal agencies. Enhancements in Version 1.3 offer new features to improve overall user experience.

AUSTIN, TX, May 31, 2023; ESC Spectrum announces the release of QAInsight Version 1.3, a subscription-based software that helps industrial companies solve challenges with scheduling, planning, and tracking a myriad of activities related to performing QA tests required by state and federal agencies. 


QAInsight serves as a single source for QA test data, ensuring consistency and organization across different facilities and departments. This software also eliminates mistakes caused by missing or incorrect data resulting from spreadsheets or other error-prone data collection and storage methods. 


Users can easily access an overview of all their QA Activities, including QA test completion dates, operating data, recertification deadlines, and more. Organization tools such as color-coding are also available for quick identification and priorities. 


QAInsight Version 1.3 offers new features and enhancements for an even more user-friendly experience and streamlined compliance with air emissions regulations. The latest improvements include:


  • Workflows / Request Protocol and Submit Notification: The following workflow types have been updated with the configurable Prior Notification fields labeled Days Request Protocol and Days Submit Notice. In QAInsight, see Admin > Workflows.
    • Email Notification Override: The fields labeled Request Protocol, Submit Notification and RETEST Submit Notification are available as options in the Email Notification Override grid for the affected workflow type.
    • Cycle Range Activities: The fields labeled Request Protocol, Submit Notification, and RETEST Submit Notification are added in the Cycle Range activities for the affected workflow type. See Home > Workflows tab.
  • Test Quarantine: The Test Quarantine window includes the following updates (see Imports > Test Quarantine tab):
    • Workflow Grid Column: A new grid column labeled Workflow has been added in the Test Quarantine window. If imported test has been quarantined because all required parameters do not have a completed test, the name of the related workflow displays in the Workflow field.
    • Quarantined Test(s) / Create New Workflow: Users with Admin privileges can now create a new workflow from an imported test that has been placed in Test Quarantine. When multiple imports are quarantined that are the same test type, share the same facility and source, and are not duplicate parameters, they can be multi-selected and included in the same new workflow. This new feature is intended to help reduce the time it takes to create a new workflow types. See the QAInsight User Guide for more details. 
  • Activities: Items that have been updated but not saved are now identified in the Activities overview window with bold/italic text. See Home > Activities tab.
  • QAInsight Client Installer: The QAInsight Client installer has been renamed as PrismQAInsightModule.msi and is now a Microsoft Software Installer file that includes the .msi file extension. 


ESC Spectrum continuously works to improve, upgrade, and advance all our products and services. Paired with decades of industry expertise and 24/7 customer service, we provide end-to-end solutions for even the most complex air emissions regulations. 

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