ECMPS Re-Engineering Update

The ECMPS Re-Engineering Update includes an extension to the current beta testing period through the end of December 2023. Chris Worley, team leader for the ECMPS Re-Engineering project shares the upcoming changes. Read more below about the update and see how ESC Spectrum Reporting Services can help.
ECMPS Re-Engineering Update on ECMPS Computer Screen

ECMPS Re-Engineering Update

On May 7, the ECMPS Re-Engineering team announced an extension to the current beta testing period. Initially, the beta testing period was to end on December 31, 2022, but now it is being extended through the end of 2023 (December 31, 2023). Until the end of 2023, facilities will continue to use the existing ECMPS tool to submit the official reporting XML files and PDF packages. No other changes are planned at this time. Read more about the re-engineering process.


Beta testing for Monitoring Plans, QA and Certification, and emission records will continue on the beta testing site dedicated to this purpose.


In the future, all data recorded after hour 00 on January 1, 2024, will be required to use ECMPS 2.0, the new evaluation and submission tool.  This includes the new MATS-specific reporting requirements, which will begin reporting for the first time for data recorded in 2024. For facilities that are MATS-affected units, this additional reporting will be significant.


Chris Worley’s Update on ECMPS Re-Engineering Project

On May 11, at the 2022 EPRI CEM User’s group meeting, Chris Worley, team leader for the ECMPS Re-Engineering project, spoke about the changes mentioned above. When asked about the release of the necessary schemas, Chris stated they will be released soon. An audience member also asked Chris about continuing the functionality for generating LME files using the ECMPS tools. Chris replied that a survey will come out to determine the magnitude of the impact of this functionality dropped from the new tool. Watch for this survey and respond when it is released.


What do these changes mean?

Facilities are given an extra twelve (12) months for beta testing with the new beta tool. I believe one of the reasons for this extension is the small number of people who have signed up for beta testing. Chris mentioned less than 70 people had established a beta testing account. Today, there are several thousand users of the current ECMPS tool. I also believe there are other technical reasons for extending the beta period. Unfortunately, no further information is available for the re-engineering project.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me a


How ESC Spectrum Can Help

Our ESC Spectrum Reporting Services are standing by to help you correctly record facility data and ensure your reports are ready for final submission to the EPA. Reporting experts remotely access your data, generate an EDR, clean data, troubleshoot errors, and prepare files for submission to the EPA through the ECMPS. We enter all applicable quarterly Quality Assurance (QA) and Quarterly Certification (QC) Test data in StackVision for Part 75 reporting requirements and check the validity of Part 75 test information in ECMPS via QA Certification EDR. Contact us to learn more about we can help you!

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