ECMPS MATS Reporting Conference Call (March 15, 2023): Key Takeaways

Following the EPA's conference call on March 15, ESC Spectrum compiled the Key Takeaways regarding ECMPS MATS Reporting.

The Conference Call

ESC Spectrum participates in webinars, conference calls, and other informational events relevant to our customers, including this ECMPS MATS (Mercury Air Toxic Standards) Reporting session. The conference call had more than 150 participants and was hosted by Environmental Protection Specialist, Christopher Worley, the EPA’s lead person for the ECMPS 2.0 re-engineering project. The call was recorded, and along with the soon-to-be-revised reporting instructions, will be posted on the re-engineering website.


ECMPS 2.0 Key Topics

During the call, Worley covered several topics and addressed the participant’s submitted questions:


  • Reporting Instruction Changes: The agency is editing and updating the previously drafted reporting instructions for the three types of electronic records files currently used by ECMPS. Worley explained that EPA  welcomes suggestions or questions about the revised reporting instructions. At the time of the call, the EPA expected to finalize the reporting instructions and post them to their website by the end of March. These files are:
      1. Monitoring Plan records
      2. Quality Assurance and Certification records
      3. Emission records
  • Formatting: Worley answered a number of questions previously submitted. It was determined that the currently revised instructions will need final formatting and improved numbering for clarity.


  • PM CEM Systems: A participant asked if calibrations for PM CEM systems can be performed and accepted as valid if the source was offline (i.e., not firing on a fuel). Worley responded that he would check with OAQPS (Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards) for an answer since the MATS reporting program is under their jurisdiction. He said the upcoming reporting instructions would reflect their response.


  • MATS Regulations and Instructions: Worley explained that the revised instructions were updated to reflect the actual MATS regulations themselves.


  • Reminders: The best way to stay up-to-date on the latest ECMPS news is to sign up for the newsletter here. Worley indicated another conference call would be scheduled once the new instructions are posted. ESC Spectrum will provide an update with the latest information during our Spring Online User Group – register here to attend.


Have More Questions?

Need Help? If you have any questions about the ECMPS re-engineering project, please contact me at, and I will answer them or contact Mr. Worley directly for more details.

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