Webinar: Creating, Editing, and Saving Views in StackVision

Join Mark Astudillo in this webinar to learn how to create, edit, and save views in the various StackVision features: CEMScape, DataLab, and Active Alarms. Views can provide a richer user environment and be associated with specific users or shared with other StackVision users. During this webinar, there will be an introduction to Dashboards, a tool that allows you to design a snapshot of your system and then view your system’s data in real time using a display monitor in a control room or similar workstation.

Webinar: Reporting Errors and How to Correct Them

Join our Regulatory & Reporting Engineer II, Hannah Harris, for a debrief on EDR errors and how to address them. Learn how to navigate StackVision, Emissions, QA, and Monitoring Plan files to resolve and understand both informational and critical errors on your EDRs.

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