New Release: StackVision™ Version 6.15 Data Acquisition System

The latest release of StackVision 6.15 provides new feature enhancements for air emissions monitoring that benefit customers in a variety of industries, from power generation to refineries to pulp an paper and beyond.

AUSTIN, TX, June 14, 2021; ESC Spectrum, provider of industry-leading products and services for customers in the electric power and petroleum industries, is excited to announce the release of StackVision 6.15.

StackVision is the most widely used DAS software across the U.S. with more than 3,100 air emission sources in the petrochemical, refining, electric power generation, metal production, and pulp and paper industries relying on it for monitoring and reporting in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state regulations.


It is specifically designed to meet the needs of air continuous monitoring compliance and keeps industrial customers on top of compliance status and trends with a real-time set of tools and displays.


The latest release of StackVision, Version 6.15 offers new feature enhancements in the following feature areas that improve user experience and make it easier to comply with emissions regulations. These include:


  • Reset OOC (T flag) and Grace Menu Option
  • Enable OOC Reset Y/N
  • Validation Types 5, 6, and 7
  • Average (flags) Alarm
  • Trigger DI Pattern
  • Automatic Logout (local and remote)
  • Calibrate Individual Parameters
  • Logout Message in Front Panel GUI and MDI
  • Math Merge Channels and Equation Configuration
  • Rounding Calibration Results


The StackVision DAS is in continuous effort and provides customers with updated features each quarter. StackVision customers are backed by 24/7 expert customer support and training resources to make sure the software is running smoothly, and customers remain in compliance.

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