New Release: Prism Version 1.7 Data Acquisition System

We're excited to announce the release of Prism Version 1.7! This release provides new features designed to make CEMS compliance and monitoring easier and more productive than ever.

AUSTIN, TX, February 15, 2023; ESC Spectrumprovider of industry-leading products and services for customers in a host of industrial applications, is excited to announce the release of Prism 1.7, which has the most added features to the Prism software in over a year.


Prism is a scalable data acquisition system (DAS) software solution that can operate in stand-alone and enterprise environments and ensures users meet regulatory reporting requirements for emissions. Prism operates on Microsoft’s Windows and SQL Server and pairs well with the 8864 Data Controller to collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably.


New Features & Updates

Prism 1.7 includes new features as well as many enhancements and updates to existing functionalities, including:


New Configuration Tools
Many enhancements are included in 1.7, including upgrades to the Admin UI. Users can now configure most parameters in Prism without database knowledge, allowing them to perform routine admin work without contacting customer service.


Data Controller Upgrades
Prism 1.7 includes new features for seamless integration with the 8864 Data Controller. Please note that the SpectraPak-E Data Controller will be retired in early 2024. Contact Sales to create a transition plan.


And more…

Interested in learning if the Prism Data Acquisition System is right for your facility? Please contact the ESC Spectrum Sales Team or fill out a form to get a personalized demo.


For media inquiries, please contact Reagan Sokolosky, Marketing Specialist II.

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