Reporting Services

Staying current on regulations, requirements, and reporting methods is time-consuming. Between facility demands and lack of resources, it can be challenging to execute all the reports required by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as state and local agencies. Our Reporting analysts are standing by to help. They will correctly record facility data and ensure your reports meet ever-changing requirements and are ready for final submission.

EDRs Processed Each Year
State Reports Processes Each Year

Electronic Data Reports (EDR)

Our Reporting experts remotely access your data, generate an EDR, clean data, troubleshoot errors, and prepare files for submission to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Emissions Control Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS). They alert you in advance to issues that require additional attention, such as the exceedance of a maximum load or Maximum Potential Concentration (MPC).


Reporting services team members enter all applicable quarterly and annual Quality Assurance (QA) and Quarterly Certification (QC) Test data in StackVision for Part 75 reporting requirements. They carefully check the validity of Part 75 test information in ECMPS via a QA Certification EDR.

QA Certification Test Data Entry Includes:

Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)Air Emissions Testing Body (AETB)
Protocol Gas Verification Program (PGVP)Linearity
Flow-to-LoadFuel Flowmeter Accuracy
Fuel Flow-to-LoadOrifice Plate Inspections
Transmitter / Transducer TestsAppendix E NOx Correlation Tests
Cycle Time TestsOffline Calibration Demonstration
QA Certification EventsExtension / Exemption data
Annual Span and Range Check (per 40 CFR 75 Appendix A)CO2 Control Chart

Permit Compliance Reports

The Reporting team remotely accesses your system, reviews data for exceedances and downtime, troubleshoot errors, and generates quarterly reports required for permit compliance that are available in StackVision.

If you are subject to PADEP Revision 8, ESC Spectrum can prepare and verify your Rev. 8 Emissions EDRs in PADEP CEMDPS.


StackVision Reports Include:


Exceedance EventsExceedance Events Duration
Downtime Events DurationDowntime Events Duration
Performance Summary30-Day Rolling Average Detail
Operating Time DurationOpacity Matrix
Removal StatusStartup Shutdown Incident
Periodic Monitor Availability…and more
CEMS DAS Services including Reporting Services

Data Review Services

ESC Spectrum’s knowledgeable Reporting analysts will check your system, weekly or monthly, to ensure proper and accurate data collection. They alert you to any problems and eliminate any risk of missing data to keep you in compliance.

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