8864 Compact Data Controller

The hard-working 8864 Compact Data Controller
accurately and securely acquires, stores and
protects CEMS data in tight spaces.

The 8864 Compact Data Controller provides the 64-bit power you need in a small form factor, C1D2 compliant unit.

This device is ideal for tight spaces and hazardous environments.  It offers power and storage to meet specific site requirements and update Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) shelters to the latest technology.

This unit provides the firmware functionality of the 8864 Data Controller in a compact design that is certified for operation in a Class 1, Division 2, or ATEX explosive environment. 

8864 Compact Data Controller

Collect, monitor, QA, and report on emissions data from continuous monitoring systems with confidence.

The 8864 Compact has dual Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, allowing it to communicate independently and simultaneously with an instrumentation or CEMS network and with the StackVision server.  Each network port can support multiple sessions of data polling and remote user interaction — all while the 8864 continues to collect, compute and store new data.

Eight digital inputs and eight digital outputs plus two serial ports provide additional I/O.  Four built-in USB ports allow connection to external keyboards or mice, as well as a convenient method to upgrade firmware.

A standard VGA port supports a monitor for access to the menu-driven interface during setup and initial configuration. A GUI Interface is available remotely via a network connection and web browser to perform common functions and interact with the 8864, but all functions, readouts, and settings are available through the character-based MDI.

The MDI is accessible through remote terminal sessions with tools like PuTTY or by emulation in the StackVision client.

8864 Compact Data Controller for CEMS

Backed by best-in-class customer support and services that keep the 8864 running smoothly.

The 8864 Compact Data Controller is backed by best-in-class customer support from a dedicated team of experts and is supported by online and in-person training.

Our DAS services teams are standing by to support additional needs. The DASProtect support and maintenance services program ensures round-the-clock support, access to knowledge base articles, discounted services, training, software upgrades, and more. 

StackVision is backed by 24/7/365 Support

We provide the training and resources you need to use the 8864 Compact Data Controller to its fullest potential.

Our tailored training ensures 8864 Compact Data Controller users are prepared and understand hardware best practices.

Training options include:

StackVision Training in Pensacola, FL

The 8864 Compact Data Controller is compatible with StackVision, Prism and other Data Acquisition Systems.

The ESC Spectrum 8864 Compact Data Controller is a sophisticated, powerful hardware bridge between DAS software and the emissions monitoring rack.

This rock-solid data controller has a demonstrated Mean-Time-Between-Failure of over 20 years and is considered the “workhorse” of the industry. Whether you’re using StackVision, Prism, or another Data Acquisition System, the 8864 Compact Data Controller accurately and securely acquires, stores, and protects your CEMS data from communications failures.

StackVision Data Acquisition System

Michael is always very professional and knowledgeable.
I am always confident things will be resolved quickly with him.

Dave Patterson

Consulting Engineer (Air Quality Group), Ameren

ESC Spectrum has provided excellent engineering and procurement support.

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Analyzer Specialist, ENglobal

Alex was very helpful in resolving the issues that I brought to him.

Kevin Bugay

Process Engineer, Cardinal Corporation

Even though we are only data logger users, the support staff has always been extremely nice,
very timely and completely knowledgeable on the topic at hand.

John Markely

Sr. Environmental Engineer, Kyger Creek

Very helpful, understood my issue and found the fix I needed.

Dane Ruberg

Instrument Technician, Xcel Energy

Scott is fantastic, very knowledgeable and very helpful!
Always know I am going to get the help I need when he answers the phone.

Celena Arreola

Environmental Engineer, El Paso Electric

Outstanding customer service!!!

Rick Gregory

IT Specialist/Network Admin, Calumet Specialty Partners

The customer service provided was quick and the agent sent additional information.

Ann Woods

Environmental Scientist, Agua Fria Generating Station

Excellent work!

Daniel Fefer

Contractor, Exelon

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