Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) and Spectrum Systems, Inc. (SSI) Now ESC Spectrum

Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC) and Spectrum Systems, Inc. (SSI) combined names as ESC Spectrum & introduced a new logo.
ESC and Spectrum Combine Names

AUSTIN, TX, June 24, 2020; In 2018, Environmental Systems Corporation (ESC), an industry-leading provider of CEMS Data Acquisition System (DAS) software, acquired CEMS services experts Spectrum Systems, Inc. (SSI). Since that time, the partnership between the two companies has allowed each to better serve customers and meet ever-evolving compliance needs. To build on this successful alliance, ESC and Spectrum are combining names to become ESC Spectrum and introducing a new logo that reflects their joint mission: to help companies meet their compliance obligations accurately and efficiently by providing products and services in continuous development and backed by robust customer support.


The customers ESC Spectrum serves are experiencing many challenges, including increasingly complex regulations, plant closures, and workforce retirements.


ESC Spectrum provides end-to-end solutions for CEMS and DAS customers, including:


ESC Spectrum combines excellent customer service and industry expertise with the essential products and services needed to solve the most complex air emissions regulations. 

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