5 Tips to Help Maintain Your CEM Systems

This article explores CEM System maintenance tips to ensure compliance with EPA regulations including Calibration, Linearity Checks, Data Validation and more.
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CEM System Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) is crucial to ensure accurate and reliable monitoring of emissions from industrial processes. Regular maintenance helps minimize downtime, prevent costly repairs, and ensure the integrity of emissions data reported to regulatory agencies. Here are five tips to help keep CEMS in optimal condition:

1. Regular Calibration and Linearity Checks:

Conducting regular calibration and linearity checks is essential to maintain the accuracy of emission monitoring measurements. Calibrate gas analyzers and other monitoring instruments according to manufacturer specifications and regulatory requirements. Dive into our blog post that discusses and clarifies calibration gas requirements including system calibration and cal gas bottles.


The EPA requires facilities operating under 40 CFR Part 75 to perform linearity checks to ensure the instruments’ response is consistent across their measurement range. Learn tips on how to perform a linearity check. Document calibration and linearity checks to demonstrate compliance during regulatory audits.

2. Routine Inspection and Cleaning:

Regular inspection and cleaning of CEMS components help prevent the buildup of dust, debris, or contaminants that could affect measurement accuracy.

  • Inspect sampling probes, filters, sample lines, and instrument enclosures for signs of damage or obstruction.
  • It is a best practice to regularly clean optical surfaces, sensor elements, and sample conditioning systems to ensure optimal performance.
  • If components are worn or damaged, replace them promptly to prevent downtime or inaccurate measurements.

We offer a comprehensive guide that dives into the functionality of all the CEM system components including preventative maintenance.

3. Scheduled Maintenance and Service:

Implement a scheduled maintenance program to address routine servicing and preventive maintenance tasks for CEMS equipment. Follow manufacturer recommendations for maintenance intervals and procedures. Service components such as pumps, valves, heaters, filters, and flow meters according to their specified maintenance schedules.


Schedule a CEMS sitewalk with one of our technicians to address any of your complex maintenance tasks or troubleshoot issues. We offer a four-step evaluation process where we visit your site, assess all of your CEMS equipment, source additional equipment for repairs or upgrades, and professionally install these new components.


We also offer a CEMS Maintenance Program, CEMSProtect Partner Program:

    • We bring customizable CEMS training and assistance to your doorstep
    • We ensure all required quarterly activities are completed correctly and on time
    • We provide your technicians with on-the-job-training, troubleshooting expertise and support
    • Get help from experienced staff who can solve complex issues

4. Data Validation and Quality Assurance:

Establish procedures for data validation and quality assurance to ensure the integrity and reliability of emissions data collected by your plant’s CEMS. Learn more about the QA/QC Plans for Part 60 and Part 75 and the Continuous Monitoring System (CMS) for Part 63.


We offer a 7 Step Process to Improve your Quality Assurance Filing Process.


Implementing automated data validation checks to identify outliers, data gaps, or measurement errors is a great way to streamline your facility’s labor. Verify data accuracy by comparing CEMS readings with independent measurements or reference methods.


Check out our CEMS Data Review Checklists, which offer recommendations for Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Semi-Annual/Annual data reviews. It is important to document data validation procedures and corrective actions taken to address any discrepancies.

5. Training and Personnel Development:

Invest in training and development programs to ensure that your team responsible for operating and maintaining your facility’s CEM System is competent and knowledgeable.


  • Provide training on basic CEMS operation, maintenance procedures, troubleshooting techniques, and regulatory requirements.
  • Keep staff informed about updates or changes in technology, regulations, or best practices relevant to CEMS. You can count on your team to maintain the CEMS effectiveness by encouraging continuous learning and skill development.


We offer online and in-person training opportunities throughout the year. Subscribe to our Events Calendar!


If you’re interested in a more comprehensive training program, our ESC Spectrum Academy is a great learning system that includes self-paced work. Our two Modules: The StackVision Success Program and our CEMS Training program, are both included for free with a DASProtect Fortress Maintenance agreement with us.

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If you need assistance with any of the tips above, please contact our ESC Spectrum experts. We have everything you need to help you meet air emissions monitoring and compliance requirements.


Interested in learning a more comprehensive overview of how CEM Systems work? Read Understanding Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS): A Comprehensive Guide. This guide will give you a complete understanding of all the components in the flow of a CEMS.

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