ESC Spectrum’s New 8864 Data Controller Generation 2 Offers Faster Communication and Updated Interface with Customizable Dashboards


Austin, TX, May 16, 2023; ESC Spectrum, the industry leader in air emissions monitoring and compliance, is excited to announce the release of the 8864 Data Controller Generation 2.

ESC Spectrum (then Environmental Systems Corporation) debuted the first Data Controller, the 8800, in 1985; the 8816 (1992), 8832 (2002), and 8864 (2014) followed. Since its debut, the device has been the industry standard for collecting, monitoring, QA and reporting emissions data from continuous monitoring systems accurately and reliably. Generation 2 builds on the success of previous releases and further enhances its accuracy and durability.

“The 8864 Data Controller Generation 2 has been in development for over two years and has undergone a rigorous testing process. This thorough testing has allowed us to ensure that the 8864 Data Controller will continue to serve as the bedrock of industrial data collection and offer upgraded functionality without compromising reliability,” said Senior R&D Manager Anthony Dougherty. “It was designed for faster processing which provides easier access to data and better usability, and we will continue to enhance features with each new generation.”  

With the Generation 2 device, users can:

  • Get data 10x times faster than before
  • See data instantly with customizable, easy-to-read dashboards
  • Perform firmware upgrades in less than 1 minute
  • Communicate with other devices using an additional USB port
  • Type more quickly with an improved touchscreen and keyboard
  • Improve performance with faster SSD cards
  • Rest easy knowing your device is protected via isolated serial ports

With each new generation of the device, the 8864 Data Controller’s features will be upgraded and evolve with advancements in technology, emissions monitoring, and compliance requirements. All ESC Spectrum products, including the 8864 Data Controller Generation 2, are supported by dedicated customer support experts and training.


Read the Generation 2 Product Data Sheet here. For information or a quote on the 8864 Data Controller Generation 2 please contact us. 


About ESC Spectrum: ESC Spectrum delivers best-in-class products and services for air emissions compliance to customers in various industries, including electric power, refining, petrochemical, ethanol, biomass, chemical, glass, and more. The company is the leading provider of data acquisition systems (DAS) in the U.S. and offers comprehensive, end-to-end Continuous Emission System (CEM) solutions that include software, hardware & parts, design & integration, maintenance, and services. 

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