Integrated Systems

ESC Spectrum delivers top-of-the-line integrated systems to tackle the most demanding monitoring challenges required by the Environmental Protection Agency. Whether you require custom-built solutions for natural gas and midstream operations, precise process monitoring, efficient flare gas management, or comprehensive fenceline and ambient air monitoring, we have the technology and expertise to meet your unique needs. Explore our range of solutions below and let us enhance your facility’s operations.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

ESC Spectrum designs and tailor CEM systems to meet the toughest monitoring challenges. We construct CEMS in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations based on an in-depth knowledge of the process, monitoring and ancillary hardware, control system, and reporting software requirements involved. Trust us to deliver tailored integrated systems that not only meet but exceed your expectations.
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Natural Gas and Midstream

We provide design-build gas measurement integrated systems for the Natural Gas, Liquid Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbon sectors. They are strictly compliant with all Hazardous Area Classifications, including Class I and II, Division I and II and Groups ABCD. They meet all relevant standards: API, ISA, UL, FM, UBC, NELC, CSA and ATEX.

Process Monitoring

Our systems for process control, product quality and process safety applications are designed to meet any measurement requirements, from standard to challenging. Our systems can monitor analytes from percent ranges to trace level concentrations. Additionally, we can couple chemical composition analysis with physical process parameters including flow, pressure, temperature, color, turbidity, viscosity, pH and more.

Flare Gas Monitoring

ESC Spectrum's Flare Gas monitoring systems are designed to operate in the harshest refinery and petrochemical flare applications, including samples with routine water, hydrocarbon liquids, steam injection and high velocity flows. Our integrated systems offer comprehensive, real-time Flare Gas monitoring to The EPA's NSPS Subpart Ja and Refinery Sector Rules, and future Petrochemical industry requirements.

Fenceline & Ambient Air

Many industries are required by regulations, consent decrees and permits to monitor pollutants and toxic gases that cross their fenceline. These include Benzene monitoring requirements for refineries as per the Refinery Sector Rule. Our analyzer and integrated systems are idea for ambient air or industrial hygiene, safety and air quality applications.

Shelters, Racks & Enclosures

ESC Spectrum offers a variety of CEMS shelters, racks and enclosures custom-built to fit any application in a variety of industries, including power generation, refinery, petrochemical, pulp and paper, glass manufacturing, metal production, chemical processing, universities, medical centers and more.
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Why ESC Spectrum?

ESC Spectrum has decades of experience providing integrated systems for air emissions compliance in various industries and applications.

Our integration specialists are experts in the design and construction process – from understanding permit and regulatory requirements and technical planning to installation, start-up, maintenance, and operation.

ESC Spectrum provides the following integrated systems for EPA Part 75, Part 60, and Part 63 requirements:

  • Hazardous area CEM systems
  • Dilution CEMS
  • Full Extractive Dry Basis CEMS
  • In-situ CEMS
  • Hybrid CEMS
  • Hot/Wet Extractive CEMS
  • Mobile testing systems and portable CEMS
  • HAPS and hydrocarbon CEMS (for HCl, Mercury, Hydrocarbons – Methane and Non-Methane, H2S, and Total Sulfur)
  • CEMS for all major pollutants, including: NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, O2, Flow, Particulate, and Opacity

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Excellent work!

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