ESC Spectrum offers total Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) solutions including CEMS Maintenance services. We are your single source for shelters, testing, parts, repair, maintenance, and more – everything you need to keep your CEM system healthy and in compliance. Our expert technicians provide a full suite of CEMS services, from professional maintenance and training to analyzer upgrade, repair, and calibration. 


CEMSProtect Partner Program

Our CEMSProtect Partner program provides customizable CEMS Maintenance facilities. Plant staff faces an ever-increasing list of challenges to keep operations running efficiently and comply with evolving regulations. 

The CEMSProtect Partner Program provides the services needed to protect equipment and stay in compliance. 

We understand that CEMS needs can change regularly.  Challenges often vary by quarter, and our professional staff is prepared to adjust each site visit to solve different issues.

CEMS Sitewalk and Inspection

CEMS Sitewalk and Evaluation Process

ESC Spectrum’s CEMS Sitewalk and Evaluation process helps operators in various industries assess the condition of CEMS-equipped plants and facilities.

Our team of technicians has over five decades of experience in CEMS and is well-known for high-quality work. ESC Spectrum’s four-step process helps you identify problems before they become critical, and determine what is necessary to correct them.

Seamless Integration Case Study

Learn how Lightstone Generation, LLC natural gas power station saved $320k by using ESC Spectrum's onsite CEMS maintenance services for quarterly testing, maintenance, and calibration and alarm reviews.

From The Source Blog

Best Practices for Replacing Your Analyzers Under Part 75

This article explores the significance of stack analyzer replacement due to factors like aging, obsolescence, and poor performance. Gain valuable insights into the complexities of CEMS analyzer replacement and recertification, aiming to assist industrial and utility plants in maintaining compliance with air quality regulation 40 CFR Part 75.

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