QAInsight Software

QAInsight air emissions software helps utilities schedule, plan, and track various activities related to performing required Quality Assurance (QA) tests required by the EPA and state agencies. It gives operators fleetwide visibility into the status of all QA test activities.

All Quality Assurance Test Activity Data in a Single Place

QAInsight is a single source for QA test data. It ensures data consistency and organization by eliminating errors and lack of inter-departmental communication associated with spreadsheets and other manual methods.

QAInsight Activities

Login and Prioritize Activities at a Glance

Instantly see an overview of their activities as soon as you login to the customizable, color-coded, role-based dashboard:

  • Red: Overdue / Expired
  • Yellow: Coming Soon
  • Green: 30 Days Out
QAInsight Activities

Import StackVision™ Data

Automatically import QA test completion dates, operating data, and Recertification Event deadlines from the StackVision Data Acquisition System (DAS). The supported QA tests that can be imported include:

  • Calibration Gas Audits
  • Opacity Test Audits
  • Linearity
  • RATA
  • Permit RATA
  • Leak Check
  • Flowmeter Accuracy
  • Transmitter / Transducer
  • Primary Element Inspection
QAInsight Activities

Pre-configured Quality Assurance Test Workflows

QAInsight accommodates complicated, cascading permit conditions, and provides a variety of workflow types including permit, Calendar-based, and Recertification events.

QAInsight Activities

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