Shaun Ellis

It is with great sadness that we are sharing the news that Shaun Ellis passed away on May 1st. As many of you know, Shaun has been battling cancer for a long time and was a true fighter.

Shaun came to ESC Spectrum in 1999. He started in the Data Controller support group, moved to software support, became a software support manager, and then a product manager.

Shaun is leaving behind his beloved family, including his wife Shanna, his son Cameron (18), and his daughter Addison (16).  Our hearts are truly broken by our loss and the loss that his family is experiencing. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.


We will provide an update and link to more information as soon as we learn more.

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How to Help Shaun's Family

If you wish to donate to help Shaun's family pay for medical expenses, please visit the GoFundMe site.

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Remembering Shaun

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Shaun was truly a one-of-a-kind person, one of those rare people that was always positive. I’ve worked with Shaun for a very long time and don’t believe that I ever saw him get down or become negative. Shaun was always kind, helpful, and caring to everyone that he worked with – fellow employees and customers. He was smart, a hard worker, and creative. He didn’t believe that you should ever do something the hard way twice - he would figure out how to automate it.
Jeff Rabensteine
President, ESC Spectrum
I was very blessed to know Shaun. We worked together for more than 20 years and shared everything from raising kids to countless User Group meetings to customer visits. He had so many wonderful gifts. He was kind, smart, funny, hardworking, and truly a great friend. He was always there to lend a hand to help or an ear to listen. He was such an amazing example of positivity and hope throughout his battle with cancer. My heart is broken that his family and this world have lost such an amazing man way too soon.
Rachel Morgan
Executive Vice President, ESC Spectrum

Almost 25 years ago Jim Rutherford hired Shaun as a technician to work on the 8816/8832 I/O cards and Motherboards. Jim and I went over the Motherboard checkout with Shaun one time, and he immediately started working on and repairing the boards on his own with little or no supervision. Shaun would learn something one time and he would figure out a better way to perform the task. I remember we had a box of “Dog Boards” (unrepairable Motherboards) on the shelf left over from the previous technician. When Shaun had slow time, he would grab those boards and work on them. He ended up repairing almost all those Motherboards deemed unrepairable. Both Jim and I were extremely impressed with Shaun and his technical skills. Trust me - Jim is not easily impressed with anyone.

I occasionally consulted Shaun for help on certain cases. He would stop whatever he was doing to help anyone with a support issue. We always ended up talking about football, family, etc. I looked forward to seeing Shaun at User Group and catching up with our lives. I will truly miss this. He was great coworker and friend. My wife asked me what exactly was Shaun’s responsibility at ESC Spectrum? My response was “Everything. And everything Shaun did at ESC Spectrum, he did it well."
Shaun was more than a colleague. He was a friend, a close friend. Over the years, my wife Kim and I got to know him and his wife, Shanna. Shaun was an amazing man and touched many lives including mine. He will always be missed!
Scott Floyd
Lead Senior System Support Engineer, ESC Spectrum
I worked alongside Shaun for my entire career here at ESC Spectrum. I considered him a  work brother/partner as we complimented each other and always considered his advice and ideas when running into problems (work or otherwise). He was tireless, genuine, caring, and available to discuss anything work, personal, or UT (the real UT) Vols. He was loved by all and the outpouring of support for him and his family on the impact he has had on our lives personally and professionally will not be forgotten. His positive attitude, work ethic, and genuine concern for others made him not only a model employee but someone you wouldn't mind bringing home to dinner and introducing to others. He will always be with me reminding me to breath, regroup, and most importantly try again.
Daniel Frome
Senior System & Database Administrator
Shaun Ellis will be missed by all that knew him. Every remark about Shaun has always been positive and that still pales to how positive he was. He would always make time to help anyone in need and would do the work for you if you would let him. I remember playing basketball on lunch breaks with Shaun at the Knoxville office, discussing the joys of fatherhood and countless other fun times. He was always the peacemaker in everything he did. I had the pleasure of assisting Shaun on his engineering DAS install and developing a close connection in discussions about family and our beloved VOLS. I hope your family finds peace as you would want them to. I’m sure they know how much you talked about them and loved them endlessly. You are loved by so many and have touched so many more. Thank you for being an inspiration and go VOLS!
Joel Crawford
Senior System Implementation Engineer
Cindy Whitaker
Cindy Whitaker of LG&E participated in a cancer survivors walk and held a sign honoring Shaun Ellis

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North Carolina

Shaun Ellis Services


Mynatt Funeral Home
Saturday, May 20th
2:00-5:00 pm

4131 East Emory Road
Knoxville, TN

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