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We've created this guide just for you

Download Our Comprehensive Guide to Understanding CEM Systems

Whether you’re new to the air emission monitoring world or have a basic understanding of how Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems work, this guide serves to break down each and every component that goes into collecting a sample at the stack.

CEMS Challenges? ESC Spectrum Can Help

We help a wide variety of industrial facilities comply with evolving air emissions monitoring regulations. These include the Environmental Protection Agency’s 40 CFR Part 75, Part 60, and Part 63, as well as state and local air mandates.

ESC Spectrum’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) solutions, including industry-leading Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) plus a wide variety of DAS and CEM systems, hardware, and services, are tailor-made to help industrial plants meet their challenges.

CEMS Solutions Backed by Customer Support & Training

ESC Spectrum has over 50 CEMS technicians across the country to serve your ethanol facility’s CEMS maintenance needs, and 24-hour customer support from an in-house team of experts ready to serve you. 

Our Customers Success Is Our Success

We’ve worked with hundreds of customers across the U.S.

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