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Here at ESC Spectrum, we create innovative air emissions compliance solutions for facilities in a variety of industries. Our solutions help customers comply with regulatory requirements and avoid audits, inquiries, and fines, as well as increase efficiency.

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ESC Spectrum Process Control CEMS

Tailor-Made CEM Systems

ESC Spectrum designs and tailor CEM systems to meet the toughest monitoring challenges. We construct CEMS in compliance with federal, state, and local regulations based on an in-depth knowledge of the process, monitoring, and ancillary hardware, control system, and reporting software requirements involved.

We consider your permit, process, and space requirements to provide a unique system that is within budget, tested, and proven.

Integrated Systems Shelters

Custom-Built Integrated Systems

ESC Spectrum provides the following integrated systems for EPA Part 75, Part 60, and Part 63 requirements:

Shelters, Racks & Enclosures

ESC Spectrum offers a variety of shelters, racks, and enclosures custom-built to fit any application in a variety of industries, including:

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We create hardware & software products thoughtfully and with high-quality components.

Industry-Leading Data Acquisition Systems

Why choose ESC Spectrum for your plant’s Data Acquisition System (DAS) needs? We provide end-to-end solutions that include products and services custom-built for every part of the air emissions compliance and monitoring process. Our Data Acquisition Systems are in constant development and supported by in-house professional DAS services and a 24/7 customer support team.

StackVision is a user-configurable DAS, not a programmed solution. After our Implementation Team completes setup, security-enabled users can view and edit their configurations, calculations, exceedance limits, alarms and new parameters to be monitored — all without knowledge of
programming languages.

Prism allows facilities to easily capture, analyze, calculate, and report emissions data for federal, state and local environmental compliance. It is a scalable DAS software solution that can operate in stand-alone and enterprise environments and ensures users meet regulatory reporting requirements for emissions. Prism operates on Microsoft’s Windows and SQL Server.


Air Emissions Management Software

Air emissions software for compliance from ESC Spectrum helps simplify your ability to meet regulatory requirements. As part of our complete suite of Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) solutions, ESC Spectrum’s air emissions management software includes:

FleXReports is subscription-based software that helps facilities easily and securely export data from StackVision into Microsoft Excel for maximum flexibility. Users have the power to develop fleetwide reports that aggregate data, then customize the format using familiar Excel functionality.

QAInsight serves as a single source for QA test data and ensures data consistency and organization by eliminating errors and lack of inter-departmental communication associated with the use of spreadsheets and other manual methods.

Run schedule-based status reports by facility or task type for different departments easily. Configure email notifications to send notices to staff about upcoming current and past due deadlines.

RATAView software helps stack testers perform Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA) tests accurately and efficiently to meet complex regulations, including requirements around testing frequency, calculations, data gathering, and data retention. This software is configurable to meet your needs and easy to implement – you can run it from a standard workstation PC.

gen two customizable dashboard on 8864 data controller

Our Reliable & Robust 8864 Data Controller

The industry-standard 8864 Data Controller provides a reliable and powerful hardware bridge between StackVision™, Prism®, or other Data Acquisition System (DAS) software and an emissions monitoring rack. Its proven accuracy and durability over decades of use across the U.S. are second-to-none.

Explore Our Services

Our CEMS Services experts provide the professional maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, calibration, training, and support you need to keep your systems healthy and in compliance.

Analyzer Repair & Upgrades

We understand that analyzers are integral to your CEM Systems. We offer customized solutions that include parts from major emission monitoring manufacturers and the expertise needed to repair, upgrade and maintain your analyzers.

CEMS Parts

We have an inventory of spare parts, including obsolete, hard-to-order, and third-party items from our preferred supplier partners:

CEMS Analyzer Repair and Upgrade

Expert CEMS Maintenance

ESC Spectrum offers services to protect your equipment and stay compliant. We understand that your CEMS needs can change regularly. Challenges can vary by quarter, and our professional staff is prepared to adjust each site visit to solve different issues.

Sitewalk & Evaluation

Our team of technicians has over five decades of experience in CEMS and is well-known for high-quality work. ESC Spectrum’s CEMS Sitewalk and Evaluation process helps you identify problems before they become critical.


Professional CEMS Training

Many plants face staff turnover and senior technician requirements, which lead to a loss of CEMS experience and a large workload for employees with less experience. Our seasoned instructors provide in-person, on-site, and online training opportunities to ensure your staff is able to meet compliance.

Umbilical Inspection & Installation

ESC Spectrum’s Four-Step Umbilical Inspection and Installation service helps you keep your facility healthy to avoid downtime and failures.

Learn More About ESC Spectrum's DAS Services

From IT to Engineering to Reporting assistance, our experts help facilities with a wide range of services. From configuring a Data Acquisition System (DAS) to precise requirements to hosting to EDR reporting and beyond, our professionals have your back.


Our Reporting Team provides services for Electronic Data Reports (EDRs), Permit Compliance Reports, Data Review, Low Mass Emitting (LME) units, and more.


Our Regulatory Services include Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Plans, Monitoring Plans, CEMS and DAS audits, and training, and more.


Our Engineering Professionals can configure a DAS to your facility’s precise requirements, ensure it is updated, align it with the latest regulations, and make it work smoothly with your other resources.


Our Information Technology (IT) experts can help you with the time-consuming challenges that come with Data Acquisition System (DAS) server software and hardware maintenance as well as data security and management.


Our robust package of support, maintenance, and training services designed to save your facility money, time and ensure your DAS runs smoothly and efficiently.

Interested in any of our CEMS Solutions? Reach out to us today to see how we can help your facility!

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