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General Sessions

Review the agenda, abstracts and the biographies of our presenters for the general sessions.

Presentation Abstracts

Welcome to User Group

We’re glad to see you in Austin, TX, for the User Group. Jeff Rabensteine, Rachel Morgan and Brian Fowler will cover some basic information, including company updates and voting for our new Steering Committee, before jumping to our other presentations. 

Regulatory & Reporting Updates

Susan B. Kennedy, QEP

This presentation will review current and upcoming air related regulatory and reporting topics relevant to MATS and non-MATS facilities including ECMPS 2.0, Risk and Technology Review, Good Neighbor Plan, Title V, QAQC, Monitoring Plans and more.

StackVision Update

Daniel Frome

In this presentation, Daniel will provide a high-level overview of new features and enhancements for StackVision 7.3. 

Prism Update

Landon Zabcik

In this presentation, Landon, our software architect, will provide essential software updates to Prism. This includes the current Prism release(s), technology and platform updates, feature updates, bug fixes, and some future plans and enhancements to Prism and the Prism platform. 

8864 Data Controller Update

Anthony Dougherty

Stay up to date with the latest information about our 8864 Data Controllers. Anthony will give an overview of our Data Controllers and what to expect in the future. 

QAInsight Update

Doug Novy

Join us in this session as Doug will give a quick overview of the QAInsight product as well as an update about the latest developments in our QAIsnight software. The recent updates to QAInsight, which were focused on streamlining the user experience, include bulk user assignment and creating new workflows automatically from quarantine. 

FleXReports: Common Use Examples

Daniel Frome

Join Daniel as he goes over valuable ways to utilize FleXReports at your facility. You will leave the presentation confident that FleXReports can be an additional tool in your reporting arsenal to streamline your air emission monitoring needs. 

ECMPS Training, Demo, and Q&A with the EPA

Chris Worely

Join Environmental Policy Analyst Christopher Worley to learn about ECMPS 2.0. In this session, he will demo the latest developments in the new software and provide training on using the features. He will address both non-MATS and MATS-specific requirements. He will be available to answer questions about the software itself, as well as critical deadlines. To hear about how ECMPS 2.0 updates will be reflected in ESC Spectrum DAS systems, attend the following sessions (4-5 p.m.) on StackVision and Prism.   

Petrochem & Refinery StackVision Panel

Alexis Ferguson, Clint Anderson, Brian Fowler & Anthony Dougherty

Join DAS experts in discussing StackVision’s future for petrochemical and refining facilities. What are your DAS and reporting struggles? What are your wins that could help others get the most out of their DAS?

StackVision Update with ECMPS 2.0

Daniel Frome

During this session, Daniel will review what changes and new feature areas are being developed to supports in ECMPS 2.0 through StackVision. He will explain how the transition from PDF to JSON reporting of the MATS Quarterly Compliance Report impacts you and will be available to address any questions about future changes you might have. 

Prism Update with ECMPS 2.0

Landon Zabcik

In this session, Landon will review what to expect with ECMPS 2.0 using Prism in the coming months, how it will affect you, and answer your questions.

Presenter Biographies

Anthony Dougherty – Senior R&D Manager

Anthony has been with ESC Spectrum for over 14 years. As Senior R&D Manager, Anthony reports directly to the Chief Technology Officer and is responsible for all development efforts related to the 8864 Data Controller. Anthony graduated from the University of Tennessee with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 2000 and has a P.E. in Computer Engineering. 

Alexis Ferguson – Lead Senior System Implementation Engineer I

Alexis Ferguson is the technical lead over refining and petrochemical facilities for ESC Spectrum. She holds a bachelor’s in chemical engineering and started working with ESC Spectrum in DAHS implementation for power gen clients over eight years ago. Alexis has spent the past six years focusing on designing, implementing, and developing standards for refinery and petrochemical DAHSs encompassing the refinery sector rule (RSR), J/Ja, GHG, and most recently Ethylene, MON, HON, and OLD MACTs. She has worked with dozens of refining and petrochemical facilities and acts as a technical resource for her coworkers. Outside of work, she is an avid board game hobbyist and brings a “game on” attitude to meeting the DAHS needs of her clients. 

Daniel Frome – Senior System & Database Administrator

As a Senior System and Database Administrator, Daniel consults with the support of hosting, server management, and SQL Server-related support cases and customer questions. He also serves as a StackVision and FleXReports Business Analyst. He is a subject matter expert for many products and a “master problem solver” concerning development and support issues. Daniel earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Maryville College with a minor in Economics and Statistics and an M.B.A. from East Tennessee State University. 

Brian Fowler – Director of Product Development

Brian has held many different positions since he joined ESC Spectrum back in 2007, giving him a unique perspective and a spot on the senior leadership team. These various roles have now brought him to head up all Product DevelopmentRecent acquisitions and new product development has his team managing seven different productsBrian graduated from the University of Tennessee in 2001 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.B.A. in 2011. 

Susan B-Kennedy, QEP – Regulatory and Reporting Manager

Susan joined ESC Spectrum in April 2022 from the power industry, where she spent 25+ years helping power plants and associated facilities comply with environmental laws and regulations. During her tenure at Progress Energy (now Duke Energy Florida) and Gulf Power Company (now Florida Power & Light), she supported various environmental programs covering all media. She received her Bachelor of Science (’92) and Master of Science (’96) degrees from Auburn University.   

Jon Konings – Senior Regulatory and Reporting Engineer

Jon joined ESC Spectrum more than ten years ago after serving as the CEM Coordinator for the last 23 years of his 36-year career at We Energies. Jon brings his many years of experience with CEMS hardware and permits to ESC Spectrum, where he focuses on helping our customers understand their permits, the regulations, and how to operate their CEM systems within the safe boundaries of the regulations.   

Rachel Morgan – Executive Vice President

Rachel joined ESC Spectrum over two decades ago as a Software Support Specialist. She has assumed many roles over the course of her career and currently serves as the Executive Vice President and is responsible for all operations which includes DAS and CEMS products and servicesRachel graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1999 with a M.S. in Computer Science.  

Doug Novy – QA Manager

Douglas has been with ESC Spectrum for over five years and has worked in various roles, including Engineering, Support, and Software Development. Before joining ESC Spectrum, Doug worked in the heavy marine construction industry, focusing on automation, field research, data analysis, and project management. He graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and now works as a QA Manager in the Software Development Department.   

Jeff Rabensteine - President

Jeff joined ESC Spectrum in 1988 and has served in many capacities. As President, Jeff’s goal for ESC Spectrum is to be the most trusted and respected provider of Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems, software, and related services in the US by focusing on doing right by our customers. His diverse experience has led to a broad understanding of the industries that we serve and the regulatory and business challenges that our customers face. He has also served the industry through participation in a variety of ASME committees and EPRI task groups. Jeff graduated from The University of Tennessee in 1990 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. 

Christopher Worley - Environmental Policy Analyst Clean Air Markets Division, U.S. EPA

Christopher is an Environmental Policy Analyst who manages Emissions Collection and Monitoring Plan System (ECMPS) software development and implementation. Before working for the EPA, he worked for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (VDEQ). 

Michael Viator - VP of Marketing and Sales

VP of Sales and Marketing Michael Viator joined ESC Spectrum in January 2016. Michael brings over 35 years of business development experience in the software, instrumentation, and automation field. He has built a vast array of expertise that includes leadership roles in capital project management, global business development, and environmental regulation and reporting. He has an MBA from Rice University, a Business Management degree from the University of Texas – Austin, and an Industrial Technology degree from Sam Huston State University 

Landon Zabcik – Software Architect

Landon has worked for ESC Spectrum for over 15 years in the support and product development teamsDuring that time, he’s worked as an engineer and developer, contributing mainly to the Prism, RATAView and QA Insight products.  Most recently, Landon works as a Software Architect contributing to the product development teams, the Nova project, as well as the overall product infrastructure and technology for ESC Spectrum.  Landon has also spent some time at Duke EnergyHe received his Bachelor’s of Computer Engineering (’01) and Masters of Software Engineering (’03) from Auburn University. 

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