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ESC Spectrum is a proud third-party seller of Teledyne Monitor Labs products and CEMS equipment.

Teledyne Monitor Labs (TML) is a leading manufacturer of monitoring instrumentation and software, custom systems and support services, and experts in air quality compliance. Their products and services are used throughout the industrial world.

Learn More About LightHawk 560

In this video, ESC Spectrum discusses the Teledyne Monitor Labs LightHawk 560 Opacity Monitor (light pass system design) and what’s needed to complete an on-stack calibration. The video covers the operation, standard components such as the optical head, the retroreflector, the calibration kit or audit device, and the most common maintenance event cleaning.

Learn More About UltraFlow 150

In this video, ESC Spectrum discusses the operation and major components of the Teledyne Monitor Labs UltraFlow 150 including the transducer, interface enclosure (or tie box), purge nozzle assembly, the protective purge air system, and the enhanced remote panel (ERP). Learn more about the Theory of Operation as the UF-150 works on the Time of Flight Theory.

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